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Originally Posted by Hiigaran

I also just read recently that AMD published a paper that indicated it might actually make a PC run hotter to have intake fans in the front. I haven't read it myself and it may be AMD specific, but they've shown that exhaust fans are more efficient for cooling than intake fans.
hmmmm ... need to read that ... scratches head ... I have found from experimentation that a combination of intake and exhaust fans (1 to 1 ratio) seems to work best ... such an arrangement creates a unified and constant airflow current with the greatest economy of air current path.

... the one exception to this is the use of a 120 mm door fan placied exactly over the cpu cooler ... such an arrangement would provide for a "cylinder" of cool air being constantly fed into the cpu cooler ...

So far I have gotten solid results from my latest design which takes a stock antec case and adding 2 120 mm thermo controlled fans on the top ... along with a front mounted 120 with rpm controller, rear mounted 120 thermo and the obligatory door 120 with rpm controller.

This may sound like it would be loud ... but the sheer volume of blade surface area along with the dedicated airflow path allow for tunable low rpms that move a significant amount of air at very low noise levels.

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