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Originally Posted by fasad
no science, but at the moment it must be close to 30 in here..i'm in boxers only and not comfortable. it's an old house, with no AC and it's even hotter outside.

dave's (brother) pc isn't running yet, the vid cards arrive on monday. i think i'll be taking him to the local wholesaler to look at big fanage.

in this review the msi 6600GT hit 110C at stock speed!! another hit 98C

looking around some other forums, 70+C doesn't look at all uncommon. nasty!
This might sound a bit unconventional ... but in extreme instances of heat related problems ... I would take the side door off and have a floor fan blow directly into the case ... even at warmer room temps ... the sheer volume of air and the very strong focused air current helped to keep heat from building up to high ... it also minimizes the build up of hot spots due to "stagnant zones" of poor air circ.

... not pretty to be sure ... but IMO measurably more effective than conventional fan architecture in standard designs ... to be used perhaps as an interim solution ... until a more effective cooling solution is implemented? ... watercooling perhaps?

I am particularly impressed with Black & Deckers "Typhoon" fan ... due to blade design ... this fan is VERY quiet ... and yet pushes alot of air ... it also comes with a remote. ... and no, I don't work for B&D

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