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Originally Posted by NeneMaxwell195
I do Martial Arts and there was 1 woman with a medium size chest and when sparing her for the first time I got distracted for a few seconds then snaped outta it! XD

I would have loved to get an old friend of mine to join the class she was slim and had big boobs, that would have been fun! XD

Now a bunch of fat girls have joined and Fat People and Martial Arts go together worse than Big Boobs and Martial Arts Seriously the Male-Female Fat Proportion is going well outta wak here in the UK, I am seeing alot of skiny guys these days going out with fat women @_@ Guys are putting more effort into their weight than women I think :x
Guys don't have to put on weight to support themselves during pregnancy.
In other words, lets see em when they're 40. Otherwise its just an unfair comparison.
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