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Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
Guys don't have to put on weight to support themselves during pregnancy.
In other words, lets see em when they're 40. Otherwise its just an unfair comparison.
... actually it might even be later than that though, males have a measurable advantage when it comes to body fat in general. Metabolism, Hormones due to evolutionary design lead to the male having lower body fat percentage coupled with a higher metabolism and the lack of a reproductive system element that predisposes weight gain for reproductive purposes.

The major offsetting factor in this though, is the dramatic increase in sedentary lifestyle with easy and assured access to food with little or no cost in energy or exertion.

Thus, outside the 'third world' context, industrialized countries are becoming "softer" and less physically fit as the generations go on ...

... with America, arguably leading the way in this.

I think therefore I am ... I think :/

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