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I am talking in the late teens/early 20's. I have relatives over from abroad at the moment and they are shocked by how fat some of the young girls are over here.

And the relatives are women and fat them selves, where they are from it is just expected that you get fatter when you get older but they say it almost unseen/unheard of to see young women being the size they are over here, it just does not happen where they are from.

A lot of it is that lots of food is now very cheap to get in huge quantities and jobs over here require little physical work, so people eat lots of cheap food and do no physical work and so the weight just goes on and on.

That is why I am glad I do martial arts, I work on computers and eats LOTS but martial arts keeps the weight off ^_^ Unfortunatly a lot of people instead go out and binge drink in the UK and that of course helps shoves the weight on. Anyways this is totaly off topic @_@
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