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Episode 1: The Sixth Annual meeting (con't)

Eps. 1 con't

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Back at the annual meeting, Releena is pleading to the representatives why the Terra-Formation project should remain active.

Relena: I understand that it has been very difficult the past six years. But, it’s not like anyone said that this would be any easy. The Christmas Eve bombing is a tragic event. But, if we give in now, we would’ve done exactly what the terrorists want us to do.

*Meanwhile, on another colony in a small house, a Television is on in the bedroom with the meeting on the screen, and Heero Yuy working on the computer. On his computer screen is a picture of the man Quatre and Duo both recognized.

Herro: Name, Trant Clark, former Oz technician, reportedly gone AWOL in After Colony Year 195. Report says he stole Wing Zero destroyed several Oz mobile suits when they went to retrieve him. But when Wing Zero was found a second time, he had obviously abandoned the mobile suit. His current status is unknown, at least until now that is.

Woman’s voice: Heero.

*A woman walks into the room. Her name is Sandra Yuy, who is now Heero’s wife. They’ve been married for a year now. Even Heero has managed to find true love in his past five-year absence.

Sandra: There you are working on the computer again. I swear, you just don’t know when to take a break. Here, I bought you some coffee. You can use it.

*She turns and looks at the T.V. noticing Relena on it.

Sandra: Hey, didn’t you say you knew that woman.

Heero: At one point I did.

Sandra: Guess you both lost contact. Well, she is a busy person now, I guess.

*He takes the coffee from her hand and drinks it.

Heero: Thanks for the coffee.

Sandra: Hey, you needed it.

*Heero gets up and goes to the closet.

Sandra: Huh? What’re you doing?

Heero: I’m going to have to go somewhere for a bit.

*She sees him take out his pistol. She has a worried look on her face.

Sandra: Oh no. Not another secret mission Heero.

*She runs over to him to try and convince him not to go anywhere.

Sandra: Heero. I don’t care what you use to be. You don’t have to do this anymore.

Heero: The bombing at Mars was only the beginning. They’ll hit that colony next.

Sandra: Just contact the authorities then.

Heero: You know they won’t listen. I have to go and help out somehow.

Sandra: You know…we have a four month-old son. I don’t want him growing up without a father.

*He grabs her into his arms.

Heero: He’ll grow up to be a strong man. And he won’t grow up without a father. I promise.

Sandra: But why do you have to go? (tears begin to roll down her cheeks) We’re in a time of peace now.

Heero: I know. But there are those that still find a reason to keep on fighting. As long as they’re around, I have to keep on fighting too. I’m sorry.

Sandra: So this is what I’m in for being married to you. You’re constant having to save the world mission, or protect the peace. Heero, I don’t want you to die.

*She begins to cry on his soldier as Heero embraces her.

Heero: I won’t die Sandra. I’ll come back to you.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
*Back at the annual meeting...

Relena: So I implore you, the Terra-Formation project is vital to E.S.U.N. space exploration. I ask that you vote to keep the project going.

*A representative suddenly speaks out.

Representative: But Ms. Relena. The problem is not only safety issues, but the financial burden this project has been on the E.S.U.N. If another incident occurs, there will be probably no way to continue the project.

Relena: I understand your concerns. But we just have to show those who don't understand our intentions how much help this will be for the people in the long run. We're running out of space to build colonies around the earth. Plus, this will be a great opportunity to explore new horizons, and get a better understanding of our galaxy.

*The representatives begin to discuss the topic amongst each other, some agreeing with her point of view, and some disagreeing. Another representative speaks out.

Representative: This is not an issue to be taken lightly. I suggest we wait until the President arrives two days from now to bring up the topic.

*All the representative agree with him.

Relena: Of course. Shall we all recess for the day then? We'll discuss other issues tomorrow.

Senate President: Yes, I do believe that is the best thing to do. This topic has worn us all out. Meeting dismissed. We continue tomorrow at 9 a.m.

*Relena walks out of the building as she tries to make her way towards the limo. She is crowded by reporters everywhere asking questions about the conference. An exhausted Relena Darlian makes it through with her husband waiting for her inside.

Hamilton: You were magnificent Relena. You probably won over about half of the representatives today.

Relena: Yes, but they always have doubts one after another. I'm just glad it's all over for today.

Hamilton: Driver, to the hotel please.

*Relena and Hamilton return to the hotel, but little do they realize that they are being watched by a certain group of people. A man gets on a pay phone.

Spy: Relena has entred the hotel.

Trant: Good. We'll make our move once she enters her room.

Spy: The husband appears to be talking to someone in the lobby.

Trant: We'll nab him too. Although Relena is not to be harmed, I don't want Hamilton hurt either.

Spy: I'll pass the word along, sir.

Trant: My goal is almost accomplished. Just a little while longer now.

*Trant heads over to the hotel. He enters the hotel and begins to take the elevator up with several other people already inside it. Meanwhile, Relena has already entered her room as she waits for her husband. She turns off the T.V. after watching the news for a while.

Relena: It gets too hard all the time.You either gotta please the entire world otherwise you end up being a failure. Nothing ever comes easy.

*Outside the room, several men with machine guns are waiting outside.

Trant: We're set. Set off the explosives.

*Moments later, several explosives throughout the colony begins to go off. The explosions happens in area where there is little or no people around at all. The explosions startles Relena.

Relena: Oh my god. What was that?

*They break into the room grabbing Relena.

Relena: Hey, what's going on here? Who are you people?

*She comes face to face with Trant.

Trant: Mrs. Relena Peacecraft. Former Queen. How it is an honor to meet you.

Relena: Who are you?

Trant: A group of people that supports colony independence. Take Relena upstairs to the Presidential sweet immediately. What's the status of the hotel?

Rebel 1: We've secured the hotel. And have already nabbed the husband. He's on his way up at this exact moment.

Trant: Good. I'm looking forward to meeting him too.

To be continued...
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