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Originally Posted by eva2000
heh no one really uses the other 2 display modes, but best to accomodate all users
I prefer to use Hybrid, as I do on AnimeOnDVD (although their implementation suffered with *their* software upgrade).

However, vB's implementation has quirks of its own which I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with just yet. e.g. Selecting a post from the thread tree will display different numbers of posts depending how deep in the hierarchy the selected post appears. So if you select a post at a leaf node, you don't see any other posts. I suppose it's a tradeoff - after all, you don't get this granularity at AnimeOnDVD. You either see 1 post, or the whole thread - which gets ugly for big threads. Also, there seems to be a default tree display depth of 5, where it really should be unlimited.

The topic review for a reply seems unnecessarily deep. Or maybe it cuts off at the user-selected posts per page setting

(BTW I'm not asking for any of this to be changed; I can live with any weird system)
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