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though i certainly enjoyed the first four episodes, i agree with Takahashi. i feel that the mechs take away from the story immensely. while still entertaining, the story should be something far more series. GONZO claims to be trying to stay true to the themes of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, yet they (thusfar) only graze the surface of such themes. such fantastical and bizarre events of the anime (mechs & sci-fi, bizarro villains, special powers, etc...) seem to take away from the deeper and more instrumental themes of Kurosawa's masterpiece. the anime is like a lighthearted, relaxed, "cool" representation of Seven Samurai. it's mostly missing the core seriousness of the original film.

i'll still keep up with it though. it's entertaining enough, and i'm interested in watching the creative liberties develope in contrast to the original.

glad i'm not paying to watch it on television though. blegh.
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