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Originally posted by Darklightz
I remember watching a power ranger clones where a guy put viruses in computers and guys would sort of digitalize themselves to go fight the monster virus.That was funny!
This is probably not the one your thinking of, but Gizmo talking about guitars sort of made me remember this show the was on Agros Cartoon Connection around the time Robotech was ... it was about these 3 people who were sort of half human. I think there was a guy with blonde hair, a chick and a black dude. The black dude was the coolest. They either all had mechasnical horses they rode on or only the black dude did, and they sort of dressed up cowboy outfits ... but they were sci fi cowboys, who fought(sp) viruses and stuff I think. It was cool.

I used to watch power rangers, I used to enjoy power rangers, but of course I was about 12 at the time. I even played power rangers with my brother, we'd take turns being the power rangers and the evil monster. I had a lot of fun doing that. Yes indeedy.
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