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a question about captain tsubasa

captain tsubasa is a soccer anime

season one it shows them when they were kids

season two shows them in high school

season three starts with a remake of season 1, after that there is a part about shingo when he was in italy, after that tsubasa returns to japan for the forming of the japanese national team and the season ends when japan defeats thailand

after that there is road to 2002 which shows them all as adults

what about the part between end of season 3 and road to 2002?

according to there is something called world youth which starts with shingo in italy. the first half of world youth is in season 3, but what about the other half after the thailand match? have episodes been made for them?

also there is a very old playstation 1 game called captain tsubasa j. i recognized parts of the game from world youth and also there were unfamiliar parts
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