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Exclamation DEADLINES soon and other stuff updated

For my imouto-chan, Chikiboo: If anyone has problems on CG-ing their work, here are two solutions: I'll give the person the tutorials on how to do it, if they have the required programs that is. ie. Adobe Photoshop 5+.


...If they wanted to paint it, make sure its dark enough to scan it in so that way it won't be hard for myself and the judges (that I'll personally select)

For Sinix: You have to read the following rules on creating your month. But please, anything besides hentai...not like the last pic you just did on your "kitty" thread.

I hate being a constant reminder to everyone but here are the rules once again:

- Absolutely no hentai or any kinky stuff. That goes with any weird tentacles if you have something else in mind.
- If you want to share one month, consult with the organiser (me) of the calenders and they will work something out. The max will be 4 users only.
- No gory parts in the calender. We are promoting the brighter, good side of AB. NOT promoting violence.
- Try not to make it TOO small. It will be very hard for the person in charge of the printing to organise the entire calender alone.
- Golden rule: The content has to be of YOUR original content. We don't want to be sued by the original artists like anyone from Clamp, Watase Yuu, etc.

And the dates...(updated!)
- Proposed months by members: 7 April 2002 The deadline is due in 3 1/2 weeks please advise me as soon as you can and no later then 7th April 2002.

- Final months to be booked by members: 7 May 2002
- Final deadline to hand in your work: 14 August 2002

- The final product: No later then November 2002
...NYA! :3
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