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Originally Posted by Tsunami-X View Post
This is not an addition to John's many threads about 'The Great Revival!', just a request of Eva2k and admins/mods.
There are many unused forums and sub-forums that seem to be cluttering the entire website, many of which are hardly ever used (the Perfect Dark forum is my hidden home where I keep asking if people still play the game...)
Maybe a restructure of the forum culture would bring current posters closer together and new members feel more acknowledged when more people can find/respond to their questions and queries.

Many forums can be dumped and archived cleaning the appearance of the site itself and then being easier to navigate. I usually wouldn't type so much but I felt this was an important issue to share.
This is no demand, and I understand the kind of work it takes to make an idea like this happen so if it's restructured GREAT!, if not then this thread never happened
Yeah it's something that was started (some forums where archived but guess not enough).. but never finished. I'll get around to doing more in due time though.

Guys wanna help out ? easy list all the forums you think should be archived and list all the anime forums that should be created for new series. Can't promise all your wishes would be met, but I'll try as it's AB's 9th birthday
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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