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Not sure if you have a deal with or but
axe the 'Support' tab at the top and make a link up top (in
between 'Quick Links' & 'Log Out' for example) to say 'Vendors'.

That will bring the news tab to the top.

The community tab looks good but maybe you should bring up the 'Anime
Conventions' forum to here as it's a community/gathering type ordeal.

Anime Series tab is good.

Anime General: Combine magazines/ezines movies/dvd and music together (or
cut magazines since nobody posts in there) leaving fan art & fan fiction at the

Anime Manga is good. Maybe just rename it to Manga

Anime Webmasters Talk : I think this should be combined with the 'Gaming' & 'Computing/Hardware' forums, reduce or combine most of the sub forums and ANNIHILATE the 'Perfect Dark' forum

Archive the 'anime industry' tab.

Keep the RPG tab.

Keep the Animeboards Site tab.


That's how I would condense the site and clean it up a little
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