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New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Vengeance From The Past. Please Read And Respond.

Hey, this is my first GWing fanfic which I had posted on other boards and everyone seemed to like a lot. I hope you all like (each episode will be in two posts each since my episodes are long and can only hold 22000 characters).

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Vengeance From The Past

After Colony 195, XíMas Eve:
On this day, the final battle was fought between the World Nation and White Fang. Five Mobile Suits sent from the colonies would eventually bring about the end of the final war between the Earth and the Colonies. This would mark the birth of a new Alliance, The Earth Sphere Unified Nations.

After Colony 196: XíMas Eve:
A year after the formation of the Earth Sphere Unified Nations, a colony from the L3 area, X18999, would declare their independence from Earth and attack Earth with Serpents, suits made out of Neo-Titanium Alloy. The Gundam Pilots would be called upon one more time to help maintain the peace. And in the end, peace would be maintained, and mobile suits including the Gundams were never seen again from that point on.

The date is January 1st, AC 201. Peace has been maintained thus far, but it has not been easy. As long as there are humans, the desire to fight will always be there.

Episode 1: The 6th Annual Meeting.

In colony X18954 in the L3 area, the sixth annual meeting of the Earth Sphere Unified Nations (E.S.U.N) is about set to take place. Delegates from nations all over the world and most of the colonies gathers on the first day of the brand new year for this one week conference to discuss what has transpired the past year, and what the coming year will have in store for them. But all isnít well as there have been three incidents in the Mars Terra-formation project. This agenda is most likely to be the center of debate at this conference.

*A television news show comes back from a commercial break.

Reporter: Welcome back. As the sixth annual E.S.U.N. is about to commence, what is on everyoneís mind today is the future of the Mars terra-formation project. Due to the tragic Christmas Eve explosion around the Martian orbit while a colony was being constructed, some people wonder if theyíll just end up suspending the project for the third time in six years, or end up ending what has been a huge financial burden all at once. During the commercial break, we got information on what caused the explosion from a reliable source in within the Christmas Eve investigation case. It turns out that unlike the other two incidents a foreign object was found within the debris, which is believed to be a part of a detonator. This information was found out three days ago, but weíre just getting word of it today. This would suggest that the attack that claimed 300 workers was a terrorist attack, and that officials that back the Terra-Formation project were trying to keep this under wraps until after the meeting, so that there wouldnít be as much trouble as there probably will be now to keep the project alive. To discuss the current situation here with us, we have Representative Karen Slate from the very colony the conference is going to take place at today, and Robert Cardone, a representative from the United States back on Earth. Welcome you two. One question that would have to be asked is why was the E.S.U.N. government trying to hide the truth?

Karen: Well itís pretty obvious. So far, a transport ship has blown up in that area, a second transport ship had just disappeared, probably fell into the Martian atmosphere, and now this incident happens which has been proven to be a terrorist attack. Itís been hard enough to keep this fragile project going and anything as severe as the news we got about it being a terrorist attack could mean the end of the terra-formation project.

Reporter: Could it be possible that another movement is forming within the colonies and that they are responsible for this terrorist action, or could it be a group on earth that is against colonizing Mars?

Robert: I think we have to more than assume that this attack originated from one of the colonies.

Karen: Wait a minute. I think that is unfair to say. There is no proof that the colonies were behind this attack.

Robert: Maybe not. But they do have a motive. When they fought for their independence in AC 195, they fought to be free and independent from the earth.

Karen: Yes, but after the final battle the colonies and earth both agreed to work as one government!

Robert: Not every colony, only a majority. It is a known fact that there were a handful of colonies that went along with this only because most of the colonies were already leaning towards this idea, so they all ended up going along with their signing. But while most of them are happy with the agreement made, some colonies are frustrated over the outcome of the war of 195. There are those that are saying ďHEY! We fought to become our own nation, free from the restraints of the Earth.Ē This is not what a handful of colonies wanted. Some of the colonies wanted to be free from the Earth Sphere and have their own independent government, which they feel they were robbed of after the final battle. Some of those colonies that want to be free from the restraints of earth are within the L3 area, hence the revolt in 196.

Karen: The revolt in A.C. 196 was from one colony, not many! It is true that there are colonies that wish they couldíve had their own government rather than a joint government that Earth. But that is not reason to point the finger of this terrorist attack at the colonies. Colony citizens are very peace mindedÖ

Robert: Peace minded? Are you telling they havenít shown an aggressive side? Youíre telling me the Gundams sent from the colonies in A.C. 195 was not an act of aggression? Or that the attack by the White Fang, who fought on behalf of the coloniesÖ

Karen: Neither the Gundams nor the White Fang was ever agreed on by a majority of the citizens. Most people did not like the Gundams or the White Fang. And back at A.C. 195, it was a very different time.

Robert: And yet six years later they are acting the same nonetheless.

Karen: That is just assumption on your part again! Earth has shown to be a lot more aggressive in the past so it couldíve originated from earth as well. There is no way of telling.

Reporter: If I could interrupt for just a second. Letís assume that we do find out who is responsible for this terrorist attack, whether it originates from one of the colonies or earth, what should be the course of action taken then?

Robert: You have to approach the terrorists in a strong position simply because, they think weíre weak right now.

Karen: I agree with him on that. You have to show the people of the E.S.U.N. that terrorism will not be tolerated, whether itís one person or a group. Even if that means showing a little bit of a military presence when going after the terrorists.

Robert: And also if that means signing an emergency charter authorizing the development a small amount of mobile suits to be used in a anti-terrorist task force.

Karen: Wait a minute! Mobile suits should never be an option in the first place. Once you use this as a reason to develop mobile suits, youíll end up finding other reasons to develop more mobile suits. Eventually then, weíll be back in the situation we were in six years ago.

Robert: For all we know, the terrorists could have mobile suits!

Karen: Thatís highly unlikely since all parts of mobile suits were destroyed according to the agreement.

Robert: Thatís what we thought once already, but a year later Neo-Titanium suits ended up attacking the earth. The threat of mobile suits always exists whether you want to admit it or not and to make sure we donít get caught off guard, we have to develop suits of our own.

Reporter: But even if the terrorists are caught, do you believe that this project should be continued.

Karen: Absolutely. As we approach the future we have to expand beyond the Earth Sphere. I believe the Terra-Formation project is vital to the E.S.U.N. in exploring new horizons, learning more about the universe, and choosing more areas for new colonies to be developed at.

Robert: I believe that the Terra-Formation project should be continued, only if the safety of the workers and civilians can be guaranteed.

Reporter: Iím sorry but thatís all the time we have for now. I would like to thank representative Karen Slate and Robert Cardone for joining us today, and for giving us your opinions. We will have live coverage all day on what is probably the most important out of all the other meetings so farÖ

*Inside a limo heading towards the conference, the T.V., which was showing the news report is turned off, and the people inside appears to be very agitated.

Politician 1: Damn it! We were suppose to keep the terrorist attack a secret until after the conference.

Politician 2: Whoever leaked the information to the media, I want his head on a platter!

Politician 1: Yea, no kidding. You do realize that this will make it more difficult to convince the Representatives to keep the Terra-Formation project going, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian.

*Relena Darlian, who is inside the limo, looks at the two politicians calmly.

Relena: I was against hiding the facts from them in the first place. The public wouldíve eventually found out and the project wouldíve just been put into jeopardy after the conference. What the Representatives decide on today is not written in stone. They can always change their minds.

Politician 1: But the last thing we need is this type of media exposure.

Relena: Öwill the President be arriving today?

Politician 1: No. Heís scheduled to arrive on the third day of the meeting. *phone begins to ring* HelloÖIíll put her on. Ms. Relena, you husband Hamilton is on the line. Heís at the meeting right now.

Relena: Iíll take it. HelloÖhowís the tensions over there?

Hamilton: It could be better. Iíve never seen such high tensions between everyone since the E.S.U.N. was first formed, but most are siding to possibly suspend the project indefinitely.

Relena: And what about you?

Hamilton: Darling, you know I wonít go against it. Iíve been for it even before we met.

Relena: Yes, I know.

Hamilton: Oh, and I just called the house. Our son is doing just fine.

Relena: Thatís great to hear.

Hamilton: Well, youíll know where Iíll be sitting today. Good luck Releena. I know itíll be tough, but Iím sure youíll win them over.

Relena: Thanks. Iíll need all the luck I can get. I have to let you go now. The limo is pulling in front of the colony senate right now.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Meanwhile, on another colony, Duo is sitting down watching the coverage on T.V. as he sees Relena walk out of the limo.

Duo: Man Hilde, I just donít like how this is looking right now. It almost seems hopeless that sheíll be able to win the majority over.

*Hilde comes out of the kitchen with a couple of drinks in her hands.

Hilde: You worry too much. Iíve met her once. She seems like a very strong person. I wouldnít worry about her one bit.

Duo: Hope youíre right. Thanks for the drinks.

Hilde: You think we can put something else on T.V.?

Duo: Only if you promise to make me a steak.

Hilde: What? You just ate an hour ago DUO!

Duo: Aw, come on. Donít you think I deserve it after all Iíve done for the people, like fight Oz, fight White Fang, helped bring peace to outer spaceÖ

Hilde: Ugh! Please donít start with that routine again. It gets old after a while.

Duo: Iíll stop if you go make me one.

Hilde: Oh, all right, FINE! Youíll get youíre steak. I swear, there is just no end to that appetite of yours.

Duo: Make sure itís rare this time.

Hilde: Yea yea.

*Hilde walks into the kitchen as Duo is watching the T.V. drinking a beer. Just then, he suddenly drops his beer over a person wearing a red jacket that he spots on the television set. As Hilde runs into the room to see whatís going on, Duo has rushed over to his computer and begins to make a phone call on it.

Hilde: Whatís going on Duo?

Duo: Spotted someone that doesnít belong there. Looks like the God of Death is going to be in action one more time.

Hilde You canít be serious!

*Quatreís face appears on the screen.

Duo: Hang on a sec Hilde. Yo Quatre, you watching the T.V.?

Quatre: Yea. I was just about to call you too. I spotted someone in the crowd that shouldnít be there.

Duo: You too?

Quatre: Me too? You know who Iím talking about?

Duo: You mean the person in the red jacket?

Quatre: Yea.

Duo: How exactly do you know him?

Quatre: Me and Heero met him when we were captured by Oz. He seemed to have been very interested in the Zero System.

Duo: Is that so. Well it just so happens I ended up fighting him when he was piloting Wing Zero once.

Quatre: What? He piloted Wing Zero? Why didnít you ever say anything about this?

Duo: Didnít think I had to. I didnít even know that he had survived.

Quatre: Either way, with him there something big is probably about to go down. Duo, get a hold of Preventers and contact Wu-Fei and Sally Po. Tell them of what we know. Iíll see if I can find out where Trowaís circus is at right now and send him a message.

Duo: And what about Heero?

Quatre: Heero? I havenít heard from him for five years now. Do you know where he is?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Meanwhile, in another colony, in a trailer Trowa is inside watching the coverage of the 6th Annual meeting with Catherine.

Trowa: Releena is going to have her hands full. Maybe I should go over there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Catherine: Oh no you donít. You promised me that you would not be running of anywhere anymore. Besides, you canít. You have three shows a day to put on.

Trowa: Yea, I guess Iím probably being a bit too worried.

*His computer suddenly beeps.

Trowa: A message?

*He walks over to his computer and turns it on. Quatreís face suddenly pops up on the screen.

Torwa: Quatre?

Quatre: Hey Trowa. You busy?

Catherine: Oh no. Not again.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Meanwhile, on another colony, a group of Preventer agents are hiding out right outside a warehouse. Wu-Fei looks through his binoculars scouting out the place. He gets on the radio contacting Sally Po.

Wu-Fei: There are three guards on the roof.

Sally: Our sharpshooters can take them out.

Wu-Fei: All right. The moment those three guards are taken out, weíre moving in.

Sally: Right.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Inside the warehouse, everyone has guns pointed at each other as a result of a drug lord and a major customer of his getting into a dispute.

Customer: What the hell is this? This ---- is no good!

Drug lord: What are you talking about? I sell grade a ---- over here.

Customer: Hey, Iím not doubting the qualityÖbut this isnít the ---- that I wanted!

Drug lord: What are you talking about? I didnít make no mistakes. This is the stuff.

Customer: Thatís bull. What type of a fool do you take me as. I should blow your head off right now.

Drug lord: Oh, you wanna start a blood bath right here. Be my guess.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Back outside, Sally is looks into the building with her binoculars while talking to Wu-Fei on the radio.

Sally: OH GREAT! Wu-Fei, thereís twice as more here than we expected and they all have guns.

Wu-Fei: Twice as more?

Sally: Weíre outgunned!

Wu-Fei: Weíll have to make them believe we have more firepower then them. Do we have any bazooka rounds?

Sally: Only a few.

Wu-Fei: Fire a couple into the building once the three guards are taken out. And have the choppers circle the building while weíre busting in.

Sally: I hope this works.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Customer: There ainít no way Iím paying for this garbage.

Drug Lord: Iíll tell ya what. Pay for the stuff, or you and your boys leave in a body bag.

Customer: Oh thatís it.

*He points a gun at the drug dealer.

Drug Lord: You wanna shoot me? Fine. Letís see if you have the guts to pull the ------ trigger.

*Two missiles come flying through the windows through two sides and explodes in the warehouses. It injures several gunmen as the Preventers makes sure they donít accidentally kill anyone. Everyone is thrown in a state of confusion as the Preventer agents come busting into the warehouse.

Sally: Freeze! Youíre all under arrest.

*They all begin to drop their guns.

Drug Lord: Whatíre you doing? Donít just drop your weapons like that!

Sally: I said drop them!

*Sally screaming at him startles the Drug Lord and he drops their weapon.

Wu-Fei: All right. Open up those containers.

*The agents opens up the containers and finds Heroine in them.

Agent 1: Itís drugs sir.

Wu-Fei: Drugs?

Sally: Wait a minute. I recognize that man. Heís a major Drug Lord around here.

Wu-Fei: Great. The only problem with this bust is that there was suppose to be a terrorist group here!

*He kicks a can on the floors and storms out of the warehouse as Sally follows behind him.

Wu-Fei: Damn it. This is just to lead us of the trail.

Sally: Take it easy Wu-Fei. At least we did a little bit of good, even if it was unintentional.

Wu-Fei: Letís get on the COM system in the truck and see if we can get in touch of Noinís ship. Maybe she had better luck than us.

Sally: Right.

*Sally and Wu-Fei both walks over to the truck as they contact headquarters.

Sally: Get Noinís ship online and transfer it here.

Operator: Yes Maíam.

Sally: Noin? Noin, how is everything there? Did you find anything?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Noin: Um, SallyÖnow isnít a good time to talk.

*In deep space, Noinís spaceship is chased by 6 fighters. Sheís has a hard time getting away from them as they fire at the ship.

Noin: Damn it! Hit again. There just isnít enough maneuverability with this ship compared to those fighters. I canít shake them.

*Zechsís voice comes on the radio.

Zechs: Noin, Iím set. Open the hatch.

Noin: Theyíre pretty fast Zechs.

Zechs: They wonít be a problem.

Noin: Right. Itís best if you use the bazooka instead.

Zechs: I copy.

*The fighters begin to close in on the ship as they notice the bay doors open.

Pilot 1: Wait a minute. Something is opening up.

Pilot 2: Itís a mobile suit!

Pilot 1: Checking the make of the suit. No way. Itís the Tallgeese!

*The Tallgeese takes off and takes out its beam saber. It heads towards one of the fighters and swipes it with its beam saber before it could make any sudden moves.

Pilot 1: Damn it. This wonít be easy. Evasive maneuvers. Hit him with missiles instead.

All the other pilots: Roger.

*The five remaining fighters begin to fire missiles hitting the Tallgeese. He has a hard time avoiding them due to their speed.

Zechs: Damn. They are fast. But you canít beat this mobile suit with those things!

*He takes out his heat rod and swings it at two fighters destroying them instantly.

Pilot 3: We canít get near that monster.

Pilot 1:Fighters just wonít cut it. Weíre returning to base. Maximum thrust.

The other pilots: Yes sir.

*The three fighters begins to speed away passing by the ship. Noin fires the lasers and hits one of the fighters but misses the remaining two.

Noin: Theyíre getting away. We wonít be able to follow them at their speed.

Zechs: Iíll take care of them.

*He takes out his bazooka and locks on to one of the fighters. He fires and in and moments later the missile hits destroying the fighter.

Pilot 1: Christ! A bazooka!

Zechs: Firing.

*He fires a second round towards the remaining fighter.

Pilot 1: Missile lock. I canít evade!

*Moments later, the missile hits the fighter and destroys the last one.

Zechs: Thatís the last of them Noin.

Noin: Did good as usual, Zechs.

Sally: Um, Noin?

Noin: Youíre still online? I didnít even realize. We had to take care of something. Sorry about that.

Sally: Itís all right. By the way, did you two set a date yet?

Noin: No. Weíve been engaged for four months now, but due to this recent incident we had to cancel wedding plans for late January.

Sally: Thatís a shame. So, did you guys find anything?

Noin: We found little evidence that there was a base there, but very little. Someone was already there waiting for us before we could collect anymore. We donít know where their base is. Any luck over there?

Sally: None. Turns out we accidentally performed a drug bust instead.

Noin: Hmm, they covered their tracks well.

Sally: Yea, youíre telling me. Iím worried there might be a repeat of After Colony 196.

Noin: Me too.

Sally: Oh, hang on. Iím getting another transmission. Sally Po here.

Duo: Man, I had a hell of a time trying to get through to you guys.

Sally: Duo Maxwell?

Wu-Fei: Did you say Duo?
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