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Episode 6 con't

Episode 6 (con't)

*Two hours have passed. With their ammunition running low, the Red Ribbon forces at the spaceport has finally surrendered. The death toll at the spaceport was 28 Preventer agents, and 25 Red Ribbon soldiers. With the twelve blown up from the roof, and the battle at the hotel itself, the Preventers lost 44 men in this conflict. This was more than they expected to lose, which is because they were completely unaware of the type of weapons the Red Ribbon had, or that their operation was this extensive.

*In the space shuttle that took off, Richmond begins to have his doubts about everything that he has started. He never realized that the situation would get this bad.

Richmond: I never wanted to see so many people die today.

Trant: It was completely out of our hands. The Preventers stacked us. We had to counter-attack.

Richmond: But the tactics that we used were brutal, or rather the tactics that you used.

Trant: Öthey were necessary.

Richmond: Necessary or not, itís not how I run the Red Ribbon Trant! I believe that even though you say you were only an engineer at OZ, youíve learned too much from them.

Trant: Perhaps, but it was necessary to get out alive.

Richmond: THATíS BESIDE THE POINT! I donít want to run the Red Ribbon in this fashion. This is too much like OZ, who was the colonies enemies. Iím going to start correcting our mistakes when we get back to the base.

Trant: Oh, in what way?

Richmond: Iím canceling the Beowulf project.


Richmond: Iím going to order for the immediate destruction of it when we get back to the base.

Trant: But weíve worked so hard on it. This is for the colonies!

Richmond: Itís overkill to send that weapon to the Earth. Too may people will die. We have to try and reach colonial independence another way.

*Trant gets up from his seat.

Trant: You knowÖIíve had to change my plans more than enough time on account of your interference. I wonít let you interfere again!

*He takes Richmond and throws him to the back of the shuttle.

Richmond: Trant, what the hell are you doing?

Trant: It couldíve started by now. If it wasnít for you stopping me from getting to Beowulf, it wouldíve already begun.

Richmond: Whatíre you talking about? Whatís going on!?

Trant: God, how slow can you be? A couple of weeks ago, I planted a crate full of bombs into a transport ship. That transport ship went to the orbit of Mars.

Richmond: ÖMars? No, youíre not saying.

Trant: Now youíre starting to catch up. When those idiots opened the crate, the explosion was in fact very close to the engines of the ship. And the ship was carelessly right in the middle of the entire construction site, causing a chain reaction. Iíve gotta admit, I didnít even expect the bomb to destroy as much as it did. It worked too well, but as long as it worked.

Richmond: ButÖbut why?

Trant: It was my declaration of war.

Richmond: Against the government?

Trant: No, against mankind.

Richmond: Youíre not serious!

Trant: I am. Beowulf is a very special mobile armor. So special, that it can only be activated with this.

*He takes a circuit out of his pocket.

Richmond: What is it?

Trant: My flight data from Wing Zero. Thatís right, I had piloted a Gundam once.

Richmond: You!?

Trant: The mobile armor was made to interface with me alone.

Richmond: What do you intend on doing with that mobile armor.

Trant: Those who have ignored me will die. I plan on taking revenge.

Richmond: That has ignored you?

Trant: You have no idea what I have had to go through. With family, OZ, Space Dwellers, Earth Dwellers, hell everyone has made my life miserable!

Richmond: You want to kill everyone because they make you miserable!? Thatís the most selfish reason Iíve ever heard.

Trant: I was hoping that I could keep you alive until we got back to the base so I wouldnít raise any suspicion. But I guess thatís impossible now.

*He points a gun at Richmond.

Richmond: You wouldnít!

Trant: Goodbye dear friend. Thank you for helping me built Beowulf.

Richmond: YOU MONSTER!

*He fires his gun and the bullet goes through Richmondís head.

Trant: Now now, we canít have anything that would bring up any suspicion.

*He pushes Richmondís body into the airlock and closes the door. He activates the airlock and Richmondís body goes flying out into space.

Trant: And now, nothing will stop me from walking the path Zero has given me. The Beowulf is mine alone. Everyone will pay for having ignored me this long. I wonder though, without his GundamÖwill he bother to try and stop me? Unless he rebuild it, it will be certainly interesting if he does try to stop me without his Gundam

*Back at the colony, Heero has arrived to the spaceport where everyone is at. He sees the damages done by the fighting in the area.

Heero: Heís escaped. But how badly has the Zero System screwed him up? Trant, whatís your next move? Or even better, whatís my next move?

To be continuedÖ
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