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Episode 7: His Last Mission

HELLO!!!! Is anyone looking at this? I really do hope I get a review. This is a good fic...really.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Vengeance From The Past.

*In a bloodbath, Trant and Richmond are able to escape from the colony. Death tolls are staggering, toppling over 50 people dead, over 30 wounded. The death of Relena and Hamilton shocks everyone, including Relena’s brother, Zechs. Otherwise known as Milliardo Peacecraft. Seeing all the tragedy, Richmond makes a fatal decision while on the shuttle and decides to scrap Beowulf, the mobile armor that was supposed to be used as a last resort. But Richmond would never make it back to the Red Ribbon base. Frustrated with Richmond interfering with his plans, Trant shows his true colors and assassinates him, dumping the body into the dark depths of space. With the death of Relena and Hamilton, also dies the warning to the Gundam Pilots of the most powerful weapon ever created.

Episode 7: His Last Mission.

*At the colony where Trowa’s traveling circus is at, Catherine looks at a picture of her and Trowa together with tears falling from her eyes, remembering what happened just one day ago.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||

*January 2nd---Morning


*Catherine desperately tries to keep Trowa from leaving to the spaceport to meet up with Quatre.

Trowa: Cathy, I don’t have a choice.

Catherine: That’s bull and you know it. You do have a choice. You’ve always had a choice. You don’t need to live this lifestyle anymore.

Trowa: There are very few people that’ll retaliate against threats like this.

Catherine: But I’m sure there are also enough people to retaliate against this threat! You can stay here, and let the others take care of this.

Trowa: I can’t just stay behind and do nothing except watch it on T.V. I would never be able to forgive myself. My mind has made up…I’m going.

*She begins to clench her fist.


*Trowa looks shocked at the words he just heard as she drops to the floor crying. He runs over to her holding her into his arms.

Catherine: Trowa…please, don’t go.

Trowa: Catherine…I’ll make you a promise.

Catherine: A promise?

Trowa: I’m going to head over to that colony with Quatre. But, this will be my last mission.

Catherine: But I still don’t want you to go at all!

Trowa: I have to go. But I promise that I’ll come back alive. When this is over with, you won’t have to worry about me going on any more missions.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||

*Catherine continues to look at the picture remembering what Trowa said to him.

Catherine: Trowa…I don’t hate you. I love you Trowa. I only wish I could’ve told you that before you left. Please Trowa…come back to me.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Asteroid MO-IV, the name given to an asteroid within the L3 area. MO-II, located near Earth, IV, located in the L3 area, and V, located in the L1 area serves as space stations and the frontline of defense for the Earth Sphere Unified Nations, although they are not equipped with mobile suits, but rather beam cannons. With the thrusters around the asteroids, they act like a moving fortress, where it could head to an area where there are serious conflicts in space. There are fighters within the asteroids, but very few. Preventers have argued that in order for the MO stations to prove as an effective frontline of defense, more weaponry would need to be produced, including some mobile suits. But the E.S.U.N. senate does not even like the fact that the Preventers have one mobile suit, the Tallgeese. Although they allow it, they have turned down any legislation brought up by the Preventers for the productions of more mobile suits and have not approved the production of more fighters. Thus, if a serious space conflict was ever to surface, the MO stations might not end up being as effective as the senate thinks they can be. Although the Senate plans on having at least one MO station at every Lagrange point in the future. An MO-VI was transported to the Martian orbit to act as a defense fortress for Mars, but an unfortunate explosion within the engines and propulsion systems caused the asteroid to collapse while they were testing the engine system. Since the explosion was near the construction site of the colony they were building, the huge explosion was able to destroy almost everything in that area and casualties due to the explosion had reached 400 in the year After Colony 197. This incident happened due to mechanical error. This caused the first of three suspensions in the Mars Terra-Formation project.

*Noin’s Preventer ship carrying the Gundam pilots from the colony arrives at MO-IV.

Quatre: So, this is MO-IV.

Noin: This is supposed to act as a last line of defense for the Earth Sphere Unified Nations. But the MO stations are so poorly equipped that they would be useless if a major conflict was ever to arise.

Quatre: You mean the Preventers have not been producing Mobile Suits secretly, behind the Senate’s back?

Noin: The budget required to produce even a small amount of mobile suits would make it nearly impossible to cover up our tracks. The only way we’ll be able to start producing better defenses is if we can get a legislation approved through the senate, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Quatre: You can’t blame them for not allowing the production of even a small amount of mobile suits. They’re just scared of repeating history all over again.

*The ship docks with MO-IV. Everyone exits the spaceship.

Noin: We will all be given quarters. If you feel that you need to get some rest, then you may do so. There’s also a Cafeteria here if you’re feeling at all hungry. Also, there are COM systems in your quarters if you feel you need to contact anyone. You’re all given access to the next Preventers briefing, but there is no time for the briefing at the moment. We’ll contact you once the briefing is about to begin.

*They all begin to exit the docking bay.

Duo: Well, it’s been a while since I ate anything. I wonder if they serve a nice juicy steak in the cafeteria. Huh?

*He notices Heero still standing by the ship. Noin goes over to him.

Noin: Do you want to leave Heero?

Heero: What?

Noin: Zechs is a Preventer so he has to see this to the end. But you’re under no obligation to do so yourself. We can get you on a transport ship and take you to the destination of your choosing. It really seems like Relena’s death has hit you and Zechs the hardest, and although he has no choice, you do.

Heero: …I intend to see this to the end too Noin.

Noin: If you say so.

*As Noin exits the docking bay, Duo walks up to Heero.

Duo: Hey bud. Maybe some food at the cafeteria will do you good.

Heero: Duo…do you think I should tell Zechs?

Duo: If you mean now, absolutely not. If you mean sometime in the future…hell, I don’t know. Who knows how he’ll take it. He always loved his sister. Did you love her too, Heero?

Heero: What? I…I…

Duo: Don’t worry. You don’t have to answer. But if you’re going to help out, you have to get your head back in the game.

Heero: Huh?

Duo: I hate to sound cruel, but your no use to anyone in this state. I understand you feel it’s your fault, but it was a mistake.

Heero: You know, I don’t know what type of person you all portray me as, but I’m no stranger to failure.

Duo: Oh yea?

Heero: …yea

*Meanwhile, Wu-Fei and Sally are at the command central hearing some disturbing news.

Wu-Fei: You let the shuttle that Trant and Richmond was on fly right by you!?

Employee: I’m sorry, but we were never given a description of what the shuttle would look like.

Wu-Fei: Obviously you shoot at anything that’s moving faster than it supposes to be moving.

Employee: It looked like a regular transport shuttle to me.

Wu-Fei: But there are no colonies near the direction it went it! Which means, it would not be able to reach the closest colony at that speed before running out of fuel. Maybe, just maybe could you have considered that that was quite SUSPICIOUS!

Employee: Nobody ever gave a description of the shuttle.

Wu-Fei: That’s why we didn’t know what it looked like. But still, going in that direction at that speed you could’ve tried to contact it!

Sally: Well, now I see one advantage with the Alliance.

Wu-Fei: The Alliance?

Sally: Unified Earth Sphere Alliance. If they knew a shuttle was heading there way, and they saw a suspicious shuttle, it would’ve been shot down without question.

Wu-Fei: I don’t completely agree with that philosophy, but I do think the E.S.U.N. is being much to relax.

*A radio transmission comes into the base.

Employee: Yes, this is MO-IV.

Pilot: This is the transport ship 03975 transporting steel mill equipment to X143954 in the L3 area.

Employee: You’re identification is confirmed. Is there a problem?

Pilot: Yes, there is. I picked up a dead body floating in space and I was hoping you could take it off my hands.

Wu-Fei: A body?

*The transport ship docks with MO-IV. The ship’s pilot opens the door to the ship and paramedics go in to get the body out. As they’re leaving the ship with the body, Wu-Fei and Sally stops them.

Wu-Fei: Wait a second. Open that body bag.

Paramedic: Excuse me?

Wu-Fei: Open the body bag.

Paramedic: uhh, yes sir.

*The paramedic unzips the body bag.

Wu-Fei: What? That’s…

Sally: …Ford Richmond. The leader of Red Ribbon!

Wu-Fei: Trant was the only person with him. It must’ve been him.

Sally: So we can assume that Trant has finally made his move.

*Wu-Fei goes into the transport ship.

Wu-Fei: are you the ship’s pilot?

Pilot: Yes.

Wu-Fei: We need to know the exact coordinates you found that body at.

*In the cafeteria, Duo enters to get some food and he sees Quatre with a couple of the Maganac Corps. members.

Duo: Hey Quatre, any luck?

Quatre: No. I can’t get through to Trowa. And if we didn’t bump into him on our way here, it’s possible that his shuttle did not fly by MO-IV.

Duo: You think he’s all right?

Quatre: I hope so. He has plenty left in the life support system. But, I just hope he wasn’t spotted. Damn! I regret ever letting go with this plan.

Duo: Relax. Trowa isn’t the type of person to be careless. I’m sure he’s fine.

*Meanwhile, Noin is in her quarters thinking about all that has happened.

Noin: …Ms. Relena…I’m so sorry we weren’t able to save you and your husband. Can you ever forgive me?

*There’s a knock at her door.

Noin: Who is it?

Zechs: It’s me Noin.

Noin: Come in.

*Zechs enters the room with two small boxes in his hand.

Noin: How’re you doing?

Zechs: I should be asking you that same question…with your leg.

Noin: It’s only a flesh wound. My leg will be fine.

Zechs: That’s good to hear. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking Noin.

Noin: Yea, I guess we’ve all been doing a lot of thinking.

Zechs: I can’t stand the fact that Relena is dead. I know I have to accept it…but I just can’t stand it.

*Tears begin to fall from his eyes.

Zechs: She’s…she’s never had a normal life. I’ve always had to rescue her since she was ten. Even though I knew she could bring peace to outer space, I always regretted the fact that she never lived the life of a normal teenage girl.

Noin: Zechs, it’s not your fault.

Zechs: I know…but I still regret she had to live the life she did…for the fate of the Earth Sphere. She loved these people so much, and look what happened to her. I sometimes don’t understand how God can let things like this happen to people.

Noin: You’re not the only one that thinks like this.

Zechs: What do you mean?

Noin: Heero is having a hard time dealing with this to, probably even tougher then you. He doesn’t want to go back though.

Zechs: He’s a strong person, probably stronger than me. Maybe him wanting to stay here is his way of dealing with his grief. But I wonder what type of life he’s been living the past five years.

*In another quarters, Heero stands by the COM system.

Heero: I have to…I HAVE TO FIND OUT!

*He activates the COM system and a computerized voice comes up.

Computer: Would you like to make a visual or audio communication?

*He selects audio.

Computer: Please select the type of audio communication you would like to make. Radio or Phone call?

*He selects Phone call.

Computer: Please type in the number of the colony you wish to make the call to starting with the Lagrange point number followed by the number of the colony itself. Please note that when typing in the Lagrange point number you start it off with L followed by the number and followed by the colony number.

*He punches in the number.

Computer: Please type in the phone number you would like to call in this colony.

*He punches in the phone number.

Computer: Please hold as we make your call.

*Seconds later, he begins to hear a ring on the COM system. Back at the colony he’s calling…

Sandra: Don’t hang up.

*She puts the baby into the playpen and rushes over to the telephone. She picks it up.

Sandra: Hello? Hello? Is there someone there?

*Meanwhile, Heero is listening on the other side.

Sandra: Hello? Is this a joke?

*He begins to have a look of relief from hearing her voice.

Heero: Thank god. She’s alive.

Sandra: …Heero? Is that you?

*He turns off the COM system.

Sandra: Heero? HEERO? You have a son Heero, come back! HEERO!

*He sits down at the table the COM system is at and begins to cry.

Heero: It was a bluff, all a bluff. She’s really alive. And she’s worried about me. I’m putting her through too much.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Zechs: I made a decision Noin.

Noin: A decision?

Zechs: I’ve decided thatI’m going to live my life to the fullest.

*She hands him one of the small boxes.

Noin: What’s this?

*She opens it up and sees a ring.

Noin: A…wedding ring?

Zechs: Noin, let’s get married. Right now.

Noin: Oh Zechs!

*She embraces him.

Noin: Zechs, if we’re really going to do this…then I’ve gotta tell you something that I’ve been keeping a secret.

Zechs: A secret?

Noin: Zechs…I’m pregnant. And I’ve been pregnant for two months now.

Zechs: You mean…I’m going to be a…father?

Noin: That’s right.

Zechs: I…I…

*He suddenly gives her a kiss.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Trowa has now been hiding along the side of an asteroid without communication, not knowing of what’s going on.

Trowa: No big movements at the base still. Am I wasting my time here? It’s probably over by now at he colony.

*He sees a shuttle docking with the asteroid base.

Trowa: What’s that?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

Guard 1: Mr. Clark! I thought Mr. Richmond was with you.

Trant: He didn’t make it to the shuttle.

Guard 2: But we got specific word that you both were able to escape the colony.

Trant: You were misinformed. They killed him before he could board the shuttle.

Guard 2: That can’t be!

Trant: All we can do now is carry out Richmond’s final wish. We must go with our last resort plan.

Guard 1: It is ready sir. Just let us make final preparations and…

Trant: No. There is one more thing I must do with the mobile armor. No one is to go in it until I’m finished.

Guards: Yes sir.

*Trant exits the docking bay and takes an elevator one floor down. When the elevator door opens, a huge red mobile armor stands before him.

Trant: Beowulf…I’ve finally arrived.

*Back at the docking bay, one of the guards notices a red dot floating around in the shuttle.

Guard 1: What the hell is that?

Guard 2: Is what?

Guard 1: you don’t see that red thing floating around?

*At the same time, Trant enters the cockpit of the mobile armor. Inside the mobile armor are buttons for the activation process, but there are no controls to move it or no panel to select his weapons. At the docking bay, the guards enter the shuttle to get a closer look at the red dot.

Guard 1: That dot…it’s…

Guard 2: Blood.

Guard 1: But I saw no cuts on Trant…unless…

Guard 2: You don’t think…

Guard 1: We got reports that Richmond was with him!

*They both run over to the elevator. Meanwhile, Trant begins to set everything up for activation of the Beowulf.

Trant: It’s been five years and three months. It’s taken me that long to accomplish this much.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||

After Colony 195

*Trant is inside Wing Zero with a small shuttle right next to him.

Trant: There. I’ve captured the shuttle. But what should I do now? Show me the way, Zero.

*He gets a response from the Zero System.

Trant: What? Leave? But I can win with this mobile suit.

*He gets another response.

Trant: I’ll lose!?

*The Zero system gives him another response.

Trant: I see. Fine…I’ll take the long road then, Zero.

*He opens up the panel and takes out a couple of circuits.

Trant: It will take a long time to accomplish this Zero…but I’ll get it done.

*He exits the cockpit.

Trant: I’ll do whatever it takes. Too bad I won’t be able to get Tubarov, but I still have a mission to accomplish.

*He enters the shuttle.

Trant: Let them have this Gundam. As of right now, it’s obsolete.

*He looks at the circuits in his hand.

Trant: I know what to do. Until we meet again, Zero.

*He puts the circuits in his pockets and closes the hatch to the shuttle. He flies off and moment’s later, mobile suits begin to approach the Gundam.

Oz Pilot: Huh? Is that Wing Zero? But…where’s Trant?

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||
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