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Episode 8: Life And Death Battle, The Fight Against Fate.

My last episode of this fic. I guess that first review will be coming any day now.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Vengeance From The Past

*It was suppose to be his last mission. He was supposed to live a normal life, just like everyone else. But fate denies Trowa Barton of that chance, as his life is sacrificed to warn his friends of the danger ahead. And the person that continues to wait for Trowa Barton has no idea that she’ll never see him again. As the final battle is upon us, his battle has already ended. But what about those whose battle continues?

For Milliardo Peacecraft, or the soldier Zechs Merquise, he has managed to find happiness through sorrow. He has managed to find true love in outer space. He has managed to become a soon to be father. For someone that has just found this happiness through the grief he has gone through, it is commendable that he would be willing to put his life on the line once more. It is commendable that he would put the fate of the entire Earth Sphere ahead of his happiness. And yet, does that mean he is bound to lose the happiness that he has finally found?

Trant Clark is a very interesting person. In six years, he has managed to thrust himself onto the main stage. Truly, the only thing that can describe how he has made it this far is pure genius. Using the guise of the Red Ribbon, he has managed to use them to build what is by far a great achievement in technological warfare. He had told Tubarov that it was capable of building a system better than the mobile dolls, and he has done it. He has developed a system that exceeds any other, that exceeds the Zero System. But, why is such power needed now in a time of peace? Some would say that he wants control of the Earth Sphere, but they would be wrong in saying that. He wishes to gain no power. This is for his hatred of mankind. Feeling neglected and used by others, he wishes to take his frustration out on the one species that has caused him this pain. And yet, is he really the only person that feels like this? Doesn’t everyone else feel neglected at one point or another? Every person has their own way of dealing with problems, and perhaps this is his way of dealing with his problem. But, is this what he wants to do, or is it what Zero wants him to do?

Heero Yuy, a suffering soul. No matter what he does, sorrow always seems to find him. He tries to fight the Alliance, and a little girl is killed because of him. He tries to rescue the one of the few people that understands him, and she ends up getting killed by him. He has tried to start over, tried to live a normal life…but has only managed to find tragedy in doing so. All he thinks about is Relena, that little girl and her dog. Why did they have to die? Why did he have to kill them? What purpose did him killing them serve? And why does he weep for only those people, when countless of lives died by his hands while he was a Gundam pilot. Is it better that they died because he was fighting for a cause, because he had good intentions? Wasn’t he fighting for a cause when he killed that little girl? Wasn’t his intentions good when he killed Relena? Perhaps, in this sad chapter of his life, this is God’s way of punishing him for all those that were killed by his hands. After all, those that died by his hands were robbed of the opportunity to live good lives. This is probably where that “eye for an eye” term comes into play. There is only one difference. When those soldiers died fighting Heero Yuy, they did not suffer for long. But he must carry the pain with him. He has had to endure this suffering his entire life. And when he has managed to find happiness for a short time, the suffering only managed to get worst.

Is there a happy ending to found in this sad chapter of the After Colony century? Is Heero meant to live with this suffering? Or will he redeem himself? Will Milliardo fight to keep his happiness he has found by using the guise of Zechs Merquise, or will it be taken away from him that fast? Is Trant acting by his own accord, or has he been taken advantage of? It is said that the only thing that can kill off all of mankind is mankind itself. Is Trant not a part of mankind? Perhaps the statement was not restricted to just many people bringing the apocalypse of mankind, but that also just one person can bring that apocalypse. The date is January 4th, After Colony 201. And now, the stage has been set for the final act.

Episode 8: Life And Death Battle, The Fight Against Fate.

*As Sally’s ship waits at a certain location, Noin’s ship carrying Heero and Zechs begins to close into the area where the Mobile Armor was last sighted.

Noin: We should be there in a few minutes.

Zechs: Right. I think that we should ext with our mobile suits from here on out.

Noin: Hang on. I see something.

Heero: Is it the Mobile Armor?

Noin: No. It’s much more smaller.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Back at MO-IV, Wu-Fei has taken Duo to a room to talk privately.

Duo: Ok, so what’s the problem?

Wu-Fei: The bullet was pulled out of Relena.

Duo: That’s what you wanted to tell me?

Wu-Fei: The markings on the bullet matched the markings inside a certain gun that was left at the crime scene. That gun has Heero’s fingerprints all over it.

*Duo looks down at the floor realizing that Wu-Fei has found out.

Wu-Fei: I can tell that you know something about this Duo. The way you’ve been talking on Heero’s behalf a couple of times, seeing you two talk secretly. I’m just hoping that you’ll say that I’m completely wrong on this.

Duo: Wu-Fei…I so much wish I could say that this was all a huge mistake.

Wu-Fei: Damn. You can’t be serious.

Duo: In a way, it was a big mistake. He told me himself. He meant to hit Trant, but missed. You know that Heero would intend on killing Relena.

Wu-Fei: I know…but he did kill her nonetheless.

Duo: What happens now? Can you guys cover this up and make it seem like Trant did this?

Wu-Fei: I wish it were that easy. But he killed the Vice-Foreign Minister. She was beloved by the Earth and more so by the colonies. Plus, he acted on his own accord. He was not officially working with the Preventers at that time. And, it’s the local officials that conducted the autopsy. So, that makes it even more difficult to cover this up.

Duo: What are you saying?

Wu-Fei: Something huge would need to happen in order to make it easier to cover up. Basically, and this is only a figure of speech but, he’s practically on the verge of facing a firing squad.

Duo: Has this gone to the public yet?

Wu-Fei: No. Where trying to work out some sort of deal with the local officials.

Duo: I’m surprised you even found data on Heero Yuy.

Wu-Fei: It turns out he’s been very active the past few years, as far as personal life goes. We’re trying to retrieve his data now. We might be able to find out just exactly what he’s been up to the past few years.

Duo: Heh. What would someone like him be doing all this time?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Meanwhile, Sandra is in her bed trying to get some sleep. But with her husband gone, all she can do is just lie there and wonder what exactly is Heero doing right now. Wondering if Heero is still alive. She hears the baby crying.

Sandra: Huh? Oh, I’m coming Akihiro

*She gets out of her bed and walks over to Akihiro’s crib in his room. She picks him up and holds him in her arms.

Sandra: Now now, we mustn’t be worried Akihiro. Your father will be back soon. We just have to wait. Now, do you want to try and get some sleep?

*He continues to cry.

Sandra: Ok…I’ll get you some milk. You just relax now.

*She puts the baby down and walks over to the kitchen. She opens the fridge and takes the milk out. Pouring it into a pot, she puts the stove on and stands by it while holding a picture of Heero and her with the baby in her hands. While she’s looking at the picture, she puts her hand on the stove and accidentally burns herself.

Sandra: OW! AHHH, hurts, hurts…

*She runs over to the sink and puts her hand under the running faucet.

Sandra: …Heero, why do I have this bad feeling?

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*Noins ship closes in on the floating object. They’re horrified when they realized its Trowa.

Noin: Oh god! That can’t be him!

Zechs: Trowa…he must’ve met up with that mobile armor. He suffocated…what a horrible way to die.

Heero: All because we didn’t end this when we had the chance. All because…I missed.

Zechs: What’d you say?

Heero: Oh, I said we should proceed in our mobile suits now.

Zechs: I agree. Noin, get the hatch opened up. We’re moving out. You’re to rendezvous with Sally’s ship.

Noin: All the way back there!? How will I be able to back you up?

Zechs: You won’t be any use in this ship. You’ll just be an easy target. You’re carrying our child, I would like for you to get to safety as fast as you can.

Noin: …of course. I just want to retrieve the body first.

Zechs: Right. We’ll help out. Let’s go Heero.

*They both run to the mobile suit transport bay connected from the back of the ship where their mobile suits are prepared to launch at any time. Zechs goes into the Tallgeese while Heero enters the Taurus. Inside the Taurus, Heero puts on the console a picture of him with his wife and son, the same picture his wife was holding in her hand.

Zechs: Heero? Did you hear me?

Heero: What? I’m sorry. I didn’t copy.

Zechs: I said that we’d be heading towards the same area Trowa had been at.

Heero: Roger that.

Zechs: All systems check out over here. Let’s go.

Heero: Wait, I’m still checking my systems.

Zechs: Still? How long has it been since you’ve been in a mobile suit?

Heero: Since you last saw me in one.

Zechs: Five years. Are you sure you’re up to this?

Heero: I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself.

Zechs: Either way, I’m in charge of this mission Heero, and your ordered not to take any suicide attempts.

Heero: I think you’ve got me figured all wrong. But I will do what it takes to complete the mission so give me a moment. Monitor, check. Weapons system, online. Radar, working properly. COM systems, obviously working. And all armaments which includes flares, Beam Rifle, and a Laser Rifle attached to the leg, check. Everything is set here. I’m ready.

*At the same time, Zechs is reading a manifest of what Heero took out of the armory.

Zechs: Heero, what do you plan on doing with these things you took out?

Heero: I’m actually not sure.

Zechs: Not sure? It’s not like you not to have a plan.

Heero: …I know.

Zechs: Noin, open the hatch.

Noin: Right Zechs.

*The door connecting the ship and the portable mobile suit transport bay closes and the bay roof begins to open up. The floor begins to rise to the top.

Zechs: It’s been five years since you’ve piloted a mobile suit. Get a feel of the Taurus for a bit. It should be easy. Just like riding a bike you never forget.

Heero: Roger that.

Noin: Hey, I’m afraid I’m going to need your help in recovering Trowa’s body.

Zechs: Right. I’ll place his body on the bay floor, and you just bring it down.

Noin: This is something I wish I wouldn’t have to do.

Zechs: I know Noin.

*Suddenly, a beam hits Zechs mobile suit.

Heero: ZECHS!

*A second beam hits the engines of the ship.

Zechs: I’m ok. Oh god, Noin are you alright?

Noin: Engines were hit pretty badly. I can’t stay in here for much longer.


Noin: I’m going.

Zechs: Heero, get away from the ship. The Taurus won’t be able to withstand the explosion.

Heero: Right.

*Heero gets away from the ship as it just explodes. Right before it explodes, a pod ejects from the ship but begins to spiral out of control from the explosion. Zechs catches it easily.

Zechs: Noin, are you ok?

Noin: The COM systems actually working in here. I’m fine.

Zechs: Good. Break radio silence and contact Sally.

Noin: Right. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help Zechs.

Zechs: That doesn’t matter, as long as you survive through this.

Heero: From measuring the impact of that beam, it was fired from its maximum distance. It’s amazing he was able to hit pinpoint shots from that far.

Zechs: What confuses me is that he stopped firing.

Heero: Well, from that distance it wouldn’t be able to destroy even the Taurus in one shot.

*A beep suddenly appears on their radars.

Zechs: I’m reading a huge signal from a far distance.

Heero: Same here!

Zechs: This doesn’t make any sense. Beowulf is able to send out jamming frequency’s from a very far distance. From the distance he’s at, I’m puzzled that we can detect him.

Heero: And he’s moving away from us. He’s not coming to finish the job. He’s challenging us.

Zechs: Looks like it. He won’t go after Noin’s pod if he hasn’t fired at it by now. We’re going to pursue the Mobile Armor. I’ll take point.

Heero: Roger that.

Zechs: Let’s go.

*They both begin to fly off with the Tallgeese in front. Zechs realizes where the Mobile Armor is heading.

Zechs: Hmm, it’s heading near colony 06E3.

Heero: But I thought there were no colonies near by.

Zechs: I should say colony debris. It’s the colony that your Gundam acquaintance Quatre had destroyed while he piloted Wing Zero.

Heero: It is? Wait a minute, how did you know about that?

Zechs: It was in Wing Zero’s files when I piloted it.

Heero: I read it in Wing Zero’s data files too. But Trant’s info wasn’t in there.

Zechs: What?

*The Taurus stops.

Heero: Trant’s info wasn’t there. He piloted that mobile suit, and yet the data of him piloting Wing Zero was never in there.

*The Tallgeese stops.

Zechs: You’re right! But that could only mean he took out the circuits containing his data. But why would he do that?

Heero: He could be continuing a mission. Either way, we have to stop him.

Zechs: You seem pretty sure that Trant is piloting that Mobile Armor. It could be someone else.

Heero: No. It’s him. I just got the feeling that he’s in that mobile armor.

Zechs: Well, I guess it would make sense since Richmond’s body was recovered.

*The beep on the radar disappears.

Zechs: He’s activated the jamming frequency. But we know which area he’s in.

*Zechs and Heero continue to make their way to the ruins of the destroyed colony. When they get there, they see the debris of the destroyed colony spread out on a wide scale.

Heero: I’m thinking, he might try to use this debris for cover. That probably means this mobile armor isn’t as strong as we make it out to be.

Zechs: This area is huge. He’ll definitely use this opportunity to ambush us for sure.

*Zechs and Heero detect a huge heat source.

Zechs: LOOK OUT!

*Zechs rams into Heero’s mobile suit and they both just miss the huge beam that was piercing through the debris.

Heero: Zechs, are you alright?

Zechs: I’m okay.

*They see a huge object hovering over them.

Heero: That’s it!?

Zechs: I had no idea it was this big.

*A voice comes on the COM system.

Trant: Zech’s Merquise. Of course the Preventers top agent would be coming to stop me.


Trant: I don’t believe it. Zero was right. But I still could never imagine you doing this, Heero Yuy. You must realize you’ll only be a burden trying to stop me in that mobile suit. You must be ready to die…that’s a good thing.

Zechs: Give yourself up. There’s no way we’ll let you carry out your plans, no matter what they are!

Trant: But my plans are predestined. Only a person who has suffered through mankind’s brutality can carry out this plan. I have become the maker. I have suffered through mankind’s brutality so it is why I have become the God who is about to decide the fate of mankind. Surely you cannot go against destiny.

Heero: He’s lost it. The Zero System must’ve warped his mind in someway.

Trant: How many times must I tell you people, I HAVE NOT LOST IT! I am just simply seeing the truth!

*The mechanical arms come out of the mobile armor.

Zechs: Those weren’t in the blueprints.

Heero: You will discover that I have made modifications to this mobile armor that far exceeds how OZ was planning on developing this mobile armor.

*The mechanical arms lunges towards the two pilots. Zechs takes out his beam saber and tries to slash one of the arms, but it lunges back and wraps around his mobile suit instead.

Zechs: What the hell? Can he control those things so fast?

*Another group of the mechanical arms goes after Heero. He fires at the arms, but the arms going after him moves out of the way instantly and he’s hit from behind.

Heero: He’s controlling them very precise.

*He sees Zechs in trouble. He tries to shoot at the arm holding Zechs, but suddenly another arm jumps in front of the beam he fired and shoot out a beam of it’s own, deflecting Heero’s shot.

Heero: No way. Now that was too precise!

*Zechs tries to slash the arm holding him, but the arm manages to pull away fast, spinning his mobile suit into a spiral. As he tries to regain control, several beam shots are fired and hits the Tallgeese.

Zechs: Huh? Only minor damage? He could’ve done a lot worst to me that time.

*Heero manages to avoid several beam shots as he regroups with Zechs.

Heero: He’s taking this as a game. He’s just toying with us.

Zechs: With how long all those arms are, it’s like trying to fight an Octopus!

Trant: This is very entertaining. But I know they must have more than this. Killing them will be easy…I wanna push them to their limit first!

*Suddenly, they notice huge beams come out of most of the arms. They notice that their all beam sabers. Heero takes his beam saber out.

Zechs: We have to find a way to get an open shot.

Heero: If that armor is Gundanium Alloy, then the beam rifle will have little affect. I’ll use the Laser rifle instead. It might make a scratch on that thing.

Zechs: Ok…LET’S DO THIS!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*30 mins has passed since the battle started. Sally’s has just picked up Noin’s pod and Trowa’s body.

Sally: I still can’t believe it. We had worked together once in rescuing hostages that was at X18999 during the 196 rebellion.

Noin: He sacrificed his life just to warn us of this danger. If he hadn’t…then we would’ve been caught off guard.

Sally: Those flashing lights over there…

Noin: They’re still fighting. I hope they’re winning.

Sally: Maybe we should head back.

Noin: No. Just in case they call in for assistance, we would have to get there immediately. Besides, no matter how good that mobile armor is it can’t hit us from that far out. And, that thing is being kept busy right now.

Sally: You know they won’t call for assistance.

Noin: Yea…but I hope neither of them does anything crazy. Especially Zechs.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++
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