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Episode 8 (epilouge)

September 4th, After Colony 202

*One Year LaterÖ

Reporter: And the fourth day on the Seventh Annual E.S.U.N. meeting comes to a close. On the agenda today as usual was the Mars Terra-Formation project as Vice-Foreign Minister Milliardo Peacecraft continues to try to push for the removal of the indefinite suspension of the project. Wait, the Vice-Foreign Minister is coming out now. Excuse me, Vice Foreign Minister Peacecraft, are you any closer to removing suspensions on the Terra-Formation Project?

Zechs: As a matter of fact we are coming close to an agreement that would over the course of the next few years remove restrictions on the Terra Formation Project.

Reporter: Is it true that the Winner Foundation has stepped up and offered to take the Terra-Formation project under their wing and offer their resources to the success of this project?

Zechs: It is.

Reporter: Whatís the response from the representatives?

Zechs: Theyíre ecstatic over this generous offer but we do intend to work out all the details saying even though itís their money that the project will still be under government jurisdiction. If you excuse me, I have other plans.

*He walks through the crowd of reporters to his car. Inside, Noin waits for him as they drive off.

Noin: I heard you really won the reps. over today.

Zechs: Itís amazing how I have gained the respect of so many people despite the fact that I was leader of the White Fang once.

Noin: Well, you do have your sisterís reputation to thank partially for that. I guess people wanted to keep the position of Vice-Foreign Minister in the Peacecraft family when they elected you. Plus, itís no secret that you helped out in the 196 rebellion. Theyíve learned to respect you for that reason.

Zechs: So youíre saying the people probably found it in their hearts to forgive me.

Noin: Pretty much. So, you still want to go there?

Zechs: Yea. Itís been one year since that dayÖ

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*On another colony, Duo and Hilda sits on the couch watching the coverage of the conference on the T.V. On Hildaís finger is an engagement ring.

Duo: It looks like Zechs is really winning over those politicians.

Hilda: Yea, Iím impressed. You did invite them to our wedding next month, right?

Duo: Of course. Iím sure they can make it even on their busy schedule.

*She sits on his lap.

Hilda: And no more God Of Death?

Duo: God Of Death? Heís officially retired.

*She gives him a kiss.

Hilda: Good, cause I need you badly.

Duo: I need you too.

*They both kiss again.

Duo: You know what else I need badly?

Hilda: What?

Duo: A nice big steak!


Duo: Oh come on, look what Iíve done for everyone. I fought OZ, fought White FangÖ

Hilda: no No NO! Please not again. Iíll go. Iíll go!

Duo: And make sure itís rare this time.

Hilda: Geez, I must be crazy to marry you.

Duo: Oh, and I love you sweetie.

Hilda: Yea yea.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*On another colony, in a warehouse.

Drug lord: Iím telling you my stuff is 100 percent pure.

Client: Yea, but the price is just too high man.

Drug lord: Come on, this is the best deal youíll get in this entire earth sphere.

Client: Well, ok. Hereís the cash.

*He hands him a suitcase. He opens it up and sees smoke come out of the suitcase.

Drug Lord: WHAT THE HELL!?

*Agents bust through the warehouse and surrounds everyone.

Sally: FREEZE! Youíre all under arrestÖwait a minute. YOU AGAIN!?

Drug Lord: Ah damn. This just isnít my day.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

*In outer space on a ship.

Pilot 1: Well, you think weíre in the clear?

Pilot 2: No problem. Weíre going to get this shipment of weapons in by morning.

*Their sensors goes off.

Pilot 1: Christ!

Pilot 2: Itís huge! What the hell is it?

*They see the Tallgeese come up in front of their ship.

Pilot 1: You gotta be kidding me!

Wu-Fei: Hold it right there. You guys ainít going no where.

Pilot 2: You think we can outrun it?

Pilot 1: ARE YOU CRAZY!?

*Inside the Tallgeese, Wu-Fei is watching the same news report of the conference.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

On another colony, Quatre is in a limo with Abdul.

Abdul: Whatís the deal with Zechs saying he wants to make sure we donít take full control of the Terra-Formation project? He doesnít trust us or sumtin?

Quatre: He has to say that for political reasons. This will be the first time that a private company will be taking over a government project since the formation of the E.S.U.N.

Driver: Master Quatre, we have arrived.

*He looks outside and sees a graveyard.

Quatre: Iíll only be a moment.

*He walks outside the limo and into the graveyard. He walks over to the grave where it has Trowaís name on it. He sees someone by his grave.

Quatre: Is thatÖ

*Catherine, the person at Trowaís grave, turns around and notices Quatre.

Catherine: Öitís you.

Quatre: Iím sorry. I didnít mean to intrude. I can leave you aloneÖ

Catherine: Oh no, you can stay. Trowa wouldíve wanted you to come by here.

*With those words, they both stand silently at Trowaís grave.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

On colony X186307 in the L2 area, Heeroís home colony, Zechs also heads to another graveyard with Noin. They pull in front of the graveyard

Noin: Zechs, look. Itís her.

*He looks over at Heeroís grave and notices Sandra standing by it. He gets out of the car and walks over to the grave. She turns around and notices Zechs coming behind her.

Sandra: You know, I think I finally realize how come I noticed who you were, Milliardo Peacecraft.

Zechs: Itís been almost a year since you last saw me. How have you been?

Sandra: Iíve been getting through one day at a time. It turns out Heero left us a lot of money in his life insurance policy. Just like him to be taking care of us to the end.

Zechs: I had forgotten to tell you this last year, but before he diedÖhis last words was to tell you that he loved you.

Sandra: Just like him. I know he had to do what his heart told him to doÖbut itís still just isnít fair that this had to happen to him. He was a good person. I just donít understand why God letís bad things happen to good people.

Zechs: I lost someone very special to me too one year ago.

Sandra: You mean your sister?

*He nods his head.

Relena: Iím going to be visiting her grave after the conference.

Sandra: Heero had told me that he knew her once. Actually, he was very open and told me a lot of things.

Zechs: How has your son been?

Sandra: Oh, just wonderful. Heís starting to walk, said his first word just a month ago. Itís been a real blessing to have Akihiro in my life. I only wish he wouldíve had a father in his life, but now heíll never get the chance to know him.

Zechs: ÖHeero wouldíve wanted you to stay strong and move on.

Sandra: Yes, I know. I just got a job three months ago. Iím working with the Winner foundation on this colony as a secretary.

Zechs: Winner foundation. Thatís great to hear.

Sandra: Iíve gotta get going now. I have to pick my son up from the daycare.

*Tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

Zechs: Are you going to be all right?

Sandra: Yes. Like you said, Heero wouldíve wanted me to stay strong.

Zechs: Thatís true. You take care of yourself, Sandra.

Sandra: You too.

Zechs: Oh, and I have this for you. An invitation to a wedding being held at another colony. Everyone thatís going to be here are friends of Heeroís . I got you a ticket to the colony just in case you want to be there.

Sandra: Are you sure they wonít mind me being there?

Zechs: Theyíre probably looking forward to meeting you. They asked me to give an invitation to you if I see you.

Sandra: Thatís so generous of them. Iíll be there next month.

Zechs: Then I guess Iíll see you in one month. Well, you take care of yourself, Sandra.

Sandra: You too, Milliardo.

*He begins to walk over to his car. Sandra stops him for a moment.

Sandra: Thank you for coming here today. Heero wouldíve appreciated it.

Zechs: It was the least I can do after all heís done.

Sandra: And tell your wife I said hi too.

Zechs: ÖI will.

*He gets back into the car as Sandra begins to walk away to her car.

Zechs: Sandra said hi.

Noin: Really. Such a strong person. Did you give her the invitation?

Zechs: Yea. She said she would be able to make it.

Noin: Thatís good to hear. Iím looking forward to talking to her. Go back to the hotel?

Zechs: Yea. I think itís time for us to move on too now.

Their car drives away from the graveyard. A half hour later, Sandraís car pulls in front of her house. She gets out of the car with her son, holding his hand, as they both walk over to their door.

Sandra: Iím going to make you something special for dinner tonight Akihiro.

*Just as she takes out her keys, she notices a reflection in the window of her door. She looks behind and notices Heeroís reflection standing right behind her. Akihiro is looking the other way.

Akihiro: Dada.

*Sandra just stands thereís in shock looking at the reflection.

Heero: Iíll always love you, Sandra.

*She turns around to see him, but notices that he isnít there anymore. She looks at her son.

Sandra: Dada. Did you notice him too, Akihiro?

*He only continues to smile at her.

Sandra: ÖHeero, Iíll always love you too.

*She opens the door as she is still in disbelief from what she saw.

**********************Preventers Database*********************************

Name: Maxwell, Duo
---Pilot of Gundam Deathscythe Hell
---Married in February

Name: Winner, Quatre
---Pilot of Gundam Sandrock
---Owner of the Winner Foundation.
---Terra-Formation Project handed over to his corporation in the year 208 A.C.
---First colony successfully built around Mars in the year 233 A.C.

Name: Barton: Trowa
---Pilot of Gundam Heavyarms.
---Died on January 3rd, After Colony 201 in an encounter with the Gundam Mobile Armor, Beowulf.

Name: Chang, Wu-Fei
---Pilot of the Tallgeese III
---Former pilot of Gundams Sheng-Long and Altron.
---Joined Preventers in A.C. 196.
---Was made pilot of Tallgeese A.C. 201.

Name: Merquise, Zechs/ Peacecraft, Milliardo
---Pilot of Tallgeese III
---Former Pilot of Tallgeese, Wing Zero, and Epyon
--- Gave up position as Tallgeese III pilot in A.C. 201
---Elected Vice-Foreign Minister November A.C. 201 under the name Milliardo Peacecraft.
---Pushed to have the Mars Terra-Formation Project reopened.

Name: Yuy, Heero
---Pilot of Wing Zero
---Former pilot of Wing Gundam
---Fought Epyon in final battle in A.C. 195. Prevented Libra from falling onto the Earth.
---Penetrated the Brussels Presidential Residence A.C. 196.
---Died in battle against the Mobile Armor Beowulf on January 4th, A.C. 201. Managed to take down the I-Field of the Mobile Armor before he died.
---Body of Heero Yuy never recovered.

*This sad chapter in the After Colony Century finally ends. But despite the tragedy, the Gundam pilots are able to move on from the sad incident one year ago. Officially, mobile suits were never seen again. Unofficially, another battle took place on January 4th, After Colony 201, a battle that the people will never get to know. And what of Heero? What did Sandra see in that reflection? What made Akihiro call out for his father? No one knows. Or perhaps only two people know, but itís something for them to know alone. Even though itís not possible, the Gundam pilots always like to think that Heero managed to cheat death one more time. If he did manage to cheat death, the Gundam pilots never knew about it, as they would never see him again. Now, the Preventers who have worked in the shadows have been thrust onto the main stage. Whether they will see more battles has yet to be seen. Whether the Gundam pilots have truly fought there last mission is still unknown. But it is here where we end this chapter of the After Colony Century. The date is January 4th, After Colony 202. Peace has been maintained thus far, but it has not been easy. As long as there are humans, the desire to fight will always be there.
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