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I finished season 2 on Netflix streaming. There is at least a third season, but apparently Netflix does not have that. It might not be dubbed or licensed in the US as of yet.

Season 2 is a bit more darker than season 1. It also is a touch more violent and more bloody. The doomsday weapon, the Ryuku, is safely out of commission, but the group responsible for stealing it has escaped justice and is hiding on earth. Birdy and Tsutomu must track the criminals down, but just as they begin to close in on each of their quarry, someone beats them to it murdering the fugitives in quite a bloodthirsty manner. Birdy is also reunited with a childhood friend and we learn more about her troubled past. In all, Birdy and Tsutomu face greater dangers.

Everything wraps up in episode 25. Episode 26 is sort of a bonus episode which takes place earlier in the series. It is included apparently so that season 2 does have 13 episodes to it. There are also enough loose ends left over for the third season.

I think it would be interesting if Tsutomuís true love Natsumi began remembering her time controlled by the Ryuku. Have her overcome with feelings of guilt over the many who died, while it falls to Tsutomu to protect her. But I do not think that is they direction the series is going.

Iím going to look for when season 3 is available. Often the second season of an anime is mostly a rehash of the first. That is somewhat true with Birdy the Mighty: Decode. But the second season is still better than the first.
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