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Post Original Fan Fic

OK peeps my name is Psyche and I am one of the newbies from the Animeshack. I have been writing a fan fic there and I am going to start by posting the first couple of chapters here. So to ppl from the shack who have been reading it there will not be any new ones yet but dont worry the new chapters will be coming soon .

The planet Minos was swept in chaos and war. A planet full of mystical creatures, and
magic. All of the 6 countries Atreus, Baucis, Clytie, Vesta, Remus and Pollux were all at war with each other. The evil dictator King Tithonus of the country Pollux strived for world domination. But to get his world domination he must find the Dragon's Eye a gem that gives its owner ultimate power over everything. But in the country Clytie a group or radical dreamers called Scylla have vowed to stop the evil Tithonus before he destroyed the planet.

There was fire everywhere. People were screaming in pain as they tried to runaway from the fight. Delphi watched in terror from her hiding spot in a hollow tree stump. Her mother had instructed her to hide there until she came back to get her. Delphi grabbed at her knees as she heard the screams that came from her friends and family. Tears flowed from her eyes as she watched from a hole in the tree as the men were killed and the women were taken. Delphi was so afraid. Then she saw her mother. Had she come back to retrieve her? No, one of the soldiers had her in his grip and was taking her away. The man was tall with blonde hair, blue eyes and scar on his cheek. Delphi wanted to call out to her mother but her mother made her promise that she would not yell out. Delphi watched as her mother struggled to try to get away from the man who had her in his grip. Just then Delphi saw her father come up behind the man but before her father could do anything an arrow flew thought the air piercing his heart. Delphi watched as her father fell to the ground.
"Papa!" Delphi screamed. The soldier turned his head in the direction of the stump. An
evil grin spread across his face. Delphi watched as he started to make his way towards the tree stump. Delphi's mother kicked and struggled as the soldier dragged her with him. Delhpi's mother kicked the man in the groin and he let go of her.
"Run Delphi", her mother yelled as the soldier took his sword and hit it on her back
killing her. Delphi jumped out of the tree stump and ran as fast as she could though the
forest. The soldier was in hot pursuit. Delphi did not know how long she could keep
running. It was dark and her vision was blurred because of all the tears in her eyes. Delphi tripped on a tree root that jetted out of the ground. She fell to the ground. Delphi rolled over onto her back and looked. The soldier was towering over her now. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. Delphi was helpless. The man dragged her back in the direction of the burning village.
"Help me someone!" Delphi cried out loud.
"No one can hear you! Stupid girl!" the man said covering her mouth. Delphi bit hard into
his hand and he began to bleed. The man yelled in pain and released Delphi. Delphi took off running. She did not know where she was going and stopped at the ledge of a cliff. She was trapped again she saw the man come up behind her. She glanced off the cliff. It was a long way down she could not jump she would be killed. Delphi did not know what to do.
"You little brat! Now you have no where to go." the man said in a cruel voice. Delphi
looked at the man and then at the cliff. She would rather die then go with him. She backed
off to the edge of the cliff slowly and then jumped off it. Delphi fell she closed her eyes and waited for what she knew was coming... her death. But it did not come. Delphi opened her eyes to see she was in the arms of a young man riding a dragon away from the cliff.
"Who are you?" Delphi asked the young man.
"Morpheus" the young man answered....
Delphi woke up from her dream or rather her nightmare that really happened to her when
she was 10 years old. That was 9 years ago making her 18 now. She sat up in her bed and
her long black hair that came down to her waist fell in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ears and slid out of her bed. She walked over to the window of the room and looked out into the world with her aqua coloured eyes. The sun was rising above the mountains. The view took her breath away. It was so peaceful and she wished that
everything could be as peaceful as the scene she was looking at right now. Delphi soon
came back to the reality of the world that she was in. It was not peaceful. It was full of chaos. She lowered her head and turned away from the window. She had to get dressed and start making breakfast or she would get yelled at. She changed into a simple blue dress and made her way to the kitchen. She started to cook breakfast when the others came in....
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