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Talking Chapter 4

Delphi could feel the cold blade of the dagger against her neck. It sent shivers down her
"Delphi!" Morpheus yelled. He tried to move forward but the other brothers pulled him
back knowing that they could not test to see if the man was going to hurt her or not. The
man who was a solider from the Polloux army. Must have hid himself during
the battle and not come out until his army had left. Leaving him helpless until an easy prey
like Delphi came along creating a chance for him to get away.
"If you hurt her I will..." Morpheus said threatening the man. Delphi could tell that he was
full of rage.
"Or you will what?" The solider said with a laugh. "Don't worry I would not want to hurt
such a beautiful creature as she is" The man said running his hand up and down her arm.
Morpheus watched the solider running his hands up and down Delphi then he watched as
the man pulled back her hair and kissed the back of her neck.. The rage in Morpheus got
stronger and stronger by the minute. Delphi watched as his silver eyes turned blood red.
"Well I would love to stay but I must be going" the man said pulling Delphi with him. The
man pulled Delphi outside. Delphi kicked trying to brake free of the man but it was no use.
"Let me go!" Delphi demanded.
"Shut up you stupid women" The man said pulling her along.
Morpheus and his brothers followed the man outside. Morpheus's eyes were still a blood
red. A funny coloured light started to glow around him. He watched the man pull Delphi
"I am, going to put an end to this" He said to this brothers.
"No wait!" Demeter said trying to stop his brother.
"Stop there!" Morpheus demanded. The man turned around to see Morpheus.
"I thought I told you not to move" The man said. "Pity, now I am going to have to hurt
her." The man said taking the dagger and pressing down gently on Delphi's neck he
glided it across. Delphi cried out in pain as the blood trickled down her neck.
Morpheus's eyes turned from red to black. Just then the man felt something behind him he
turned around to see a great dragon behind him. The dragon's eyes were black too. The
dragon let out a loud roar took his massive claw and wrapped in around the mans head.
The man let go of Delphi and she stumbled backwards and Morpheus picked her up in his
"Crush him!" Morpheus ordered to the big dragon.
"No wait" Nusis said. "He might know were they took the princess" Morpheus just
looked at his brother.
"Donít crush him!" Morpheus ordered the dragon. The dragon wrapped its claw around
the mans waist so that he couldn't move. Nusis walked towards him.
"Where did they take the princess?" Nusis demanded. The man did not say anything. Nusis
hit him across the face. "I am going to ask you again where did they take the princess?"
Nusis continued to question the man while Morpheus turned to Demeter.
"Demeter heal her neck with your magic" Demeter nodded his head. Morpheus laid Delphi
on the ground. Demeter walked around Delphi in a circle. Then he reached into a bag and
pulled out something and threw it on Delphi. A bring white light came from the cut and
the cut healed. Delphi opened her eyes and Morpheus kneeled down beside her. Delphi sat
up she knew that she was in trouble.
"Delphi ?" Morpheus said with concern in his eyes.
"I'm sorry Morpheus I know you did not want me to come. And I begged you to let me
come... and it was my fault that I was taken... and... and" Tear streamed from her eye.
Morpheus moved his arms around her.
"Hush Delphi" He said kissing her forehead.
"Her skin is soft donít you agree?" the man said.
"What?" Morpheus answered to the man.
"I said her skin is soft at least the skin on her neck was soft when I kissed it", The man
said grinning. Morpheus's rage returned he stood up walked over to the man and hit his
face. The man spat up blood.
"How dare you touch her" Morpheus said hitting him over and over again. "Now you tell
my brother here where the princess is and I might spare your life. The man did not say
"Thatís it kill him!" Morpheus ordered the dragon. The dragon roared then began to
squeeze him.
"She is in a fortress... north of here...about 10 miles... now let me go..." Morpheus turned
around walked over to Delphi.
"Hey you said that you would spare my life..." The man said.
"No I didnít. I said I might spare your life" Morpheus said turning around to look at the
man one last time. The man face was full of horror. He knew what was coming to him.
The man cried out loud. Delphi turned from the man and buried her head into
Morpheus's chest as the dragon silenced the man forever. Morpheus brought his arms and
wrapped them around her.
"Come on Nusis it is time we go save the princess" Morpheus said looking over at him.
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