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Talking Chapter 11

Morpheus walked downstairs and his brothers looked at him.
“Were is Delphi?” Nusis asked.
“She is back upstairs… with him…” Morpheus said in a low voice.
“Oh Morpheus do not let little things that aren’t there worry you” Demeter said trying to cheer his brother up. Morpheus looked at his little brother but the fear of losing Delphi was still there because Morpheus still had a problem of showing her how he felt. Morpheus looked around.
“Where is Maia?”
“She is with Dryads”
“Dryads who is she?”
“Oh right you two have not really met. She is the nymph that Demeter has a crush on” Demeter looked over at Nusis at the last thing he said.
“I don’t have a crush on her!” Demeter protested.
“What?” Nusis spoke giving Demeter a dirty look. “You told me that she was the most beautiful girl you had ever laid your eyes on and that she would even make a goddess jealous.” Morpheus looked at his little brother who was blushing.
“Is this true Demeter?” Morpheus asked. Demeter said nothing and lowered his head embarrassed.
“Well um… maybe I did say something along that line…” Morpheus smiled at his little brother who was not that little anymore. Just then Dryads and Maia walked in. Nusis looked up at Maia.
“So what is going on?”
“Well I talked with the elder and he has welcomed us stay too stay here as long as we want.”
“That’s great!” Nusis said standing up.
“But wait there is more… Dryads told the elder how Demeter helped her protect the tree and he wishes that we help protect the other trees in the forest”
“What protect trees? But why?”
“I can answer that” Dryads said piping up. “A wood nymph is the spirit or soul of a tree. Like humans we are not immortal. Each of us came to life and will die with our tree. My people are dying because the Pollux’s army is cutting down our trees. Our trees used to be safe but a couple turns ago King Tithonus had ordered that they be cut down!”
“But why are they cutting them down? Your village is not a threat to them” Demeter said in a rage.
“I don’t know…” Dryads said looking away.
“I know someone who might” Morpheus piped up.
“Who?” Demeter demanded to know.
“He is up stairs and I will go and ask him.” Morpheus said making his way back up the stairs.
Delphi held Erebus’s hand. Erebus was in pain and Delphi could see it. The village healer wrapped Erebus’s shoulder in a bandage.
“There that should be fine until tomorrow when you would have to change the bandage miss” Delphi nodded her head and the healer left.
“Erebus I am so sorry I got you involved in all of this”
“Delphi don’t be sorry”
“But I blame myself for all of this”
“Don’t blame yourself. It was I after all who threw myself in front of the arrow” Erebus smiled at Delphi and sat himself up in the bed.
“But it was me that the arrow was pointed at.” Delphi exclaimed. Erebus grabbed Delphi’s hands.
“Delphi I said don’t worry about it. I was the one that could not see my little angel get hurt.” Erebus said placing his hand on her face. Delphi looked into Erebus’s eyes as he spoke.
“Hush my little angel…” Erebus said. Erebus pulled Delphi’s face closer to him. Erebus’s face was inches away from Delphi.
“Erebus what do you think you are doing?” Delphi said.
“I was going to kiss you.” Erebus whispered.
The healer walked by Morpheus.
“Such a cute couple those two are”, he said to Morpheus. Morpheus could not believe what he had said. ‘Couple? Cute?’ Morpheus thought to himself. Morpheus turned the knob of the door and opened it a crack. He heard voices.
“Erebus I don’t think that that is such a good idea. You’re a nice guy and all but…” Everything was silent Morpheus strained his ears to hear what Delphi was going to say next. Little did he know that Erebus and Delphi were sharing a little kiss. Delphi pulled away and Morpheus opened the door. Delphi turned around.
“Morpheus!” She said running into him arms. She did not know if Morpheus had seen anything or heard anything. She was still a little stunned at what Erebus had done and felt guilty. Morpheus held Delphi close and looked at Erebus who watched them embrace each other. Morpheus smiled down at Delphi and then his face when serious as he looked up at Erebus.
“What do you know about the Pollux and the cutting down of the trees?”
“What do you mean?”
“King Tithonus has ordered that the trees in his forest be cut down”
“What?” Delphi said. “Why would he do that?”
“He is looking for something” Erebus said.
“Looking for what?” Morpheus demanded.
“The dragon’s eye” Erebus answered.
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