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Japanese don't like western cosplayers

The recent issue is cosmode that have stopped featuring western cosplayers starting from December 2010 due to complains from many Otaku in Japan. To anyone who don't know about cosmode, cosmode is one of the Cosplay oriented magazine in Japan and the only one who frequently featured western cosplayers on 1 - 2 of its pages on its every new release. What cosmode doing is understandable because it is a profit oriented business magazine, so rather than losing more sales it decided to do what its readers want especially when it have to compete with other Cosplay oriented magazine in Japan.

It is also understandable of what the Otaku in Japan feeled because what they feel also the same with what most other Otaku in the world feeled who don't like to see western cosplayers cosplaying Anime or other Asian based characters. This fact proven by how almost all of the Cosplay videos, Cosplay blogs, Cosplay websites and other Cosplay related media on the net are only featuring Asian cosplayers, including the one made by westerners [ not by western cosplayers ] are also almost all of it featuring Asian cosplayers. What the Japanese doing are basically saying westerners never and will never able to look like Japanese so there is no racism in what the Japanese doing because there is no racism in speaking the truth, it is the truth that westerners never and will never able to look like Japanese. There is also no pride stuff in here because cosmode still featuring Chinese, Korean and other Asian cosplayers.

The Otaku in Japan are the biggest and most fanatics Anime fans in the world, proven by how Maid Cafe, Harajuku, Akihabara and other Anime related place and stuff like that can exist and grow well in Japan. The existence of the term "Moeru" and "Naeru" also proves it because those 2 term are a made term by the Otaku in Japan, where "Moeru" used to refer to a cute person who look like certain Anime characters while "Naeru" used to refer to a cosplayers who not look like the Anime characters they cosplaying which 99% used against western cosplayers by the Otaku in Japan.
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