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hehe i can related to both.. webhosted accounts are referred to in the hosting biz as virtually hosted accounts.

i have 2 virtual hosted accounts and 1 dedicated server.

Virtual accounts are for - and - i'll be moving them to my dedicated server once i can get the server to settle down

Dedicated server i have a dedicated red hat linux server, AMD K6/2 500 with 384MB of ram and a 10GB Eide hard drive. Which hosts 36 of my sites. Looking at an upgrade from my host -

I believe ex you're with DigitalNation and Verio company ?

Raq3i's are good but for perl and cgi intensive stuff they fall away and php/mysql well . The new Raq4i's are slightly better.


- i use 25 - 35GB/month
- for this forum i use 25 - 30GB/month
- the rest of the sites around 10 - 15 GB/month

expensive hobbies huh
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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