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King of Fighters anime


King of Fighters Anime (2005-08-07 10:29:46)
According to Soft Bank Publishing's Neo Geo Freak, Production I.G is working on a King of Fighters anime. Concept art for Kyo Kusanagi can be seen in the above article, and it was stated that characters K', Alba Meira, and Ash Crimson will be featured in the anime. Further details are not available yet. Thanks to Arlen Pavka for this item.
Oh how I've longed for a KOF anime. Huzzah to know Production IG will be on the job, concept art for Kyo looks nice his outfit looks a lot like his 2K3 one. Good to see K' will be in it, Alba from MI why? and Ash Crimson hmm does this mean the anime will be set around the 2K3 storyline with the new awakening of orochi? Either way I'm just happy to know there'll be an anime for KOF sometime in the future. All they need to do now is one to turn Metal Slug into one .. or Waku Waku 7.
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