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Possible Tactic #3: Wikipaedia Entry

Dear Eva2k and the mods,

The latest in my series of new ideas, fresh from the labyrinth of my mind.

Wikipaedia Entry.

Wikipaedia: for better or for worse, everyone's favourite encyclopaedia and a household name on the lips of every self-respecting netizen. Why not take advantage of it to try and spread the popularity of AnimeBoards? This tactic is simple: write up a glowing wiki entry for AnimeBoards and try and get it published online. Naturally, Wikipaedia has all these stupid bureaucratic rules on what is acceptable; however, I think that with a bit of ingenuity, we can get round these rules, especially since there are plenty of existing wiki entries on pure trash.

So how about it? I can come up with a draft entry and run it past you guys first before trying to submit it. Alternatively, you guys could write an entry yourself. This could be a neat little trick to ramp up AB's brand awareness.

Yours faithfully,

J. F.

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