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Sorry I'm late. Anyways, watched the first 14 episodes. I like this series. Very funny moments. What gets me the most is Otani. How in the hell can he be so damn dense!? I mean it's getting to a point to where it's not even funny anymore. In the earlier episodes, it was bearable. It's strange he seems get more and more dense with each episode. Just watching Koizumi constantly raming her head at brick wall over this guy is crazy. He's not a bad guy, he just....clueless. He's trying really hard not to like her, which he's actually doing a good job.

It's like damn, everybody knows that Koizumi likes Otani except Otani himself. Honestly, it's frustrating to watch. The more and more I watch, the more rediculous he gets. I sound like a broken record, but I just can't get over the fact that this guy is so damn dense. With that said, I still like the anime.

Watched episode 14. Finally!! Koizumi got some sense. Even after she kissed him, he had that retarded look on his face. I was like, you can't be serious! Sadly I don't think he will wise up. With Maity in the picture, that should ease her mind a bit although it looks like Maity is into guys....? The way he blew in Otani ear...he's looking suspect right now.
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