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Felt like Shoujo so I stared this up. I'm only up to ep. 4 so I haven't read past the first post.

Originally Posted by orochi X
Animation and character designs reminded me a lot of One Piece for some reason .., facial expressions and all that.
I noticed this too while watching these few episodes. Turns out they both share the same director and several other key staff members. Additionally, Risa's VA is Okamura Akemi who also did Nami in One Piece.

Oh yeah, and about this series, it's definitely entertaining. It's different than the usual Shoujo and too damn funny. I gotta check out the manga sometime. One Piece manga and anime is very similar. It wasn't the director that made the anime so funny since that style was used in the manga. I wonder if this manga happened to be like that too?

Curious curious but I must watch more anime first.
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