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Originally Posted by Tsunami-X View Post
Sorry, a little R rated comedy in my head there.
Do you have these thoughts when using an ATM as well?

Originally Posted by Tsunami-X View Post
Why do we have to wait until August?
It will then be 1 year on from the highly-successful and emotionally-charged extravaganza that was the Town Meeting in 2008.

Originally Posted by Tsunami-X View Post
Everybody will forget by then..
Not with the right promotion. For example, how about both of us put the red lettering in our signatures. How about it Tsuna? With our prolific post rates, this will be a great "viral-marketing" tactic!

Originally Posted by Project Akira View Post
I'm sure John won't let us.
Project_Akira, I hereby officially invite you to come up with a session topic and chair it in the AnimeBoards Town Meeting/Conference 2009 - Destination Digital Nirvana. How about you chair a session on how to improve the manga sub-forum? This would truly be a remarkable session and I will definitely participate.
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