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I've got it.

As soon as it is created, a person or a company that has rights to decide what happens with it. The copyright symbol is just a way of reminding people about the owner's rights. The registration of a copyright at the Office of Copyright at the Library of Congress, gives an owner of the art rights a stronger legal argument if they have to go to Court.

Usually you see the copyrightę, the date of publication , the owner or artist's name at the bottom of the artwork.

Copyrights are really many different property rights. These rights can be sold separately by the original artist or company. The original artist or owner is called the "author". These rights make all creative work valuable beyond just the sale of art work. Since being creative is valuable, the copyright and patent laws are made to encourage more people to be artistic or creative and make our world better.

  • the right to copy the art work
  • the right to display or perform the work
  • the right to distribute the work This means to sell the art work to other businesses and customers.
  • the right to use the work to make other things using the work.

Who Can Claim The Right To A Copyright?
Not everyone can claim rights to art. If someone makes a piece of art, the artist automatically has copyrights. The art or writing is owned by the artist but an artist has stronger legal rights in Court if the copyright is registered at the Office of Copyrights. A copyright helps an artist keep control of artwork wherever it is used with less fear that someone will take it illegally.
Minors or people under the age of 16 can claim copyrights. But, in some places there are laws against it, meaning minors can not claim the full right for a copyright.

Copyrights or Intellectual Property is owned by the the person who
created the art work EXCEPT when:

-The work is created by an employee of a company. This is called a "work made for hire".
-When an artist is asked to make art work for a company and signs a "work for hire agreement".
This is called a "commissioned work".
-The artist sells all of the copyrights to a business. The artists should still be credited on the artwork.
-Sometimes a group of people create artwork. The group is called "co-authors".
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