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Tactic #5: AnimeBoards Town Meeting/Conference 2009 - Destination Digital Nirvana

Dear Eva2k, Mods and All Members,

Following the immense success of last year's AnimeBoards Town Meeting, which gathered >100 replies (, I can barely contain my excitement in announcing that I will be organising the AnimeBoards Town Meeting 2009. The official opening will be held in August, one year on from the memorable meeting last year.

Last year, we focussed on strategies to lift us off the ground. This year, the meeting will focus on driving AnimeBoards forwards to become a unique anime messageboard that is a main attraction on the Internet by virtue of intelligent, mature and exciting discussions. Along the way, it is hoped that we will crush all our rivals (like we used to), which are all there for the taking.

To this end, The AnimeBoards Town Meeting/Conference, billed as "Destination Digital Nirvana", will be designed to whip up extraordinary passion to propel AnimeBoards on a one-way route to greatness. It will take the style of a conference with several sessions (threads) that, although sharing the common theme of evolving AnimeBoards to a level hitherto unseen, will tackle different aspects of crafting a plan to messageboard perfection.

Thus, I invite all members, especially Eva2k and the mods, to come up with session topics, and chair these topics when the conference starts. I stress that these sessions must be moderated to get rid of the pointless spammers that plagued last year's meeting. I am confident that the AB management team will maintain their recent high standards of performance and deal with these people.

To kick-start this planning process, I will be chairing this session:
  • The Eschatology of AnimeBoards: A discussion on the ultimate destiny of AnimeBoards - why does it exist and why should people post on it? This discussion will dredge up the root motivations of old and new posters and by doing so, bring to consciousness the deeper meaning and reality of the AnimeBoards community. In turn, this will crystallize the AB Spirit that will serve to bind us together in a communion of high post rates and quality discussions.

In the weeks leading up this exciting event, it will be of great help if members can spread the word:

The AnimeBoards Town Meeting/Conference 2009 (ATMC 2009) - Destination Digital Nirvana - is Coming.

Cancel your holidays. Skip work. Do not sleep. If you are getting married, tell your betrothed to get lost. If you have an important assignment, tell your boss to get lost. If you have an important doctor's appointment, tell your doctor to get lost. Because the ATMC 2009 is coming to town.

Yours faithfully,

J. F. (Lead Organiser of the ATMC 2009)
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