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Requesting Some Assistance

Hello Animeboards.

First off, I apologize outright if this is in the wrong section. Please move it if I've made an error.

Now, let me get to the point of this request.

I am currently working on a project on a program called RPG Maker XP, creating a game. I do not intend to ever turn this into a commercial concept; it is based off of a book I am writing for my guild.

I have some ideas on how to run certain parts of the game, and one of those is a cutscene situation similar to that run in the Fire Emblem games. I want to have a character drawing with the text box on top of it.

So, if anyone would be willing to help me out by drawing some characters for me, please PM me and I will give you the information. Full credit will be given (real name or online alias is up to the artist).

I will admit though, that I have a few different characters I will need done, with the possibility of more as the game develops.

So, once more, if anyone is willing to help me out, please PM me, with some previous work if possible so I can be sure that it's what I am looking for.

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