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Red face Earthian

Earthian can be said to be vintage anime -- it being from 1989, according to the Netflix DVD sleave. The premise is that the planet Eden is trying to decide if Earth shall live or die. So two angels are sent to investigate. Chihaya is the black angel - because he has black wings. He is kind hearted and sensitive, and pretty useless in a fight. His job is to make the case for sparing Earth. Kagetsuya is the white angel, expert in hand to hand combat, who is making the case for destroying Earth.

As for special powers, both can sprout wings. That’s about it. Actually, they are pretty wimpy angels who can get hurt and die just like humans.

This DVD is divided into four episodes which tell of Chihaya’s and Kagetsuya’s adventures as they come to the aid of a damsel in distress, befriend a fallen and dying angel, and try to save a man-made angel from himself. The episodes seem to be written by different teams. In episode 2, they meet another black angel, a female, who knows Kagetsuya and has a crush on him. But in episodes 3 and 4, Chihaya is the only black angel. Also in episode 3, Chihaya and Kagetsuya are suddenly gay lovers.

As far as the stories go, they aren’t so bad. But we’ve seen the same basic storylines before and done better.
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