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I wanted to get through disc 3 ASAP. Needless to say, I decided not to continue with the series. Iím stopping with episode 20. Itís not that D. Gray-man is a poorly made series. Itís that it fails to live up to its promise, and quite frankly I find it uninteresting.

First, Alan has a dark past. It is revealed to us a bit too early in the series. I guess the writers figured out it was OK since it does not seem to have anything to do with the basic story other than serving as a set-up. Alanís dark past could have influenced his makeup and outlook. It doesnít.

Second, there are times the series gets a bit repetitive. On disc 3, there is a two episode storyline. I each episode about five minutes are spent giving the exact same back story. Once would have been enough.

Third, the series is not even half way over before we get another filler episode!

Fourth, there are times the series gets just too silly. The comic relief overtakes the drama and action.

I guess I will never find out if Alan makes it with Lenalee. I will never find out who or what D. Gray-man is. But then again, who cares?
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