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Hmmm.... I don't get it. What does YTMND stand for, anyway?

Originally Posted by Shinobi X
I don't think Parinoia Agent's opening theme rocks but I think it's a good one. I just don't like to see all the characters laughing because it made them looks retarted and stupid, but I do like that nuke explosion.
I know it's about 3 months too late, but I still felt the urge to comment on this...

Actually, if you've seen the entire series, the opening animation is brilliant. It ties in the entire theme of the show, and you never realize it until you see the opening after you've seen the rest of the series. The laughing people creeped me out the first time I watched the show, but now I'd probably say it's one of the best opening animations I've seen in awhile, simply because it's further reinforcing the theme of the series... and most series don't bother with anything more complex than showing shots of the characters.
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