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Currently watching

Dubbed Haibane Renmei,
Last Exile - catching up with this since the set back of DL ing a corrupted ep18.
Hitsuji No Uta - about to watch the second ep.
Texhnolyze - OK, so I'm not too keen on this one, but it is getting more interesting and hey, it's ABe, so I'm happy.
R.O.D the TV series - only seen the first ep but this is looking promising, hope they put in a cameo of the president wetting himself .
GITS TV series - a little too talky at times - still cool though. Another 26 to come? woo hoo !

Just finished watching

Wonderful Days - I caught the trailer from this a while ago. Nice CGI and some touching story elements give this a , although the character designs are mediocre and the ending isn't too well done.

Looking forward to

Witch Hunter Robin DVD - I've bought into this series on the strength of the first ep. Should be good. Won't be wearing the t-shirt though.
Risky safety - Kawaii .
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