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I am quite willing to back this cause. Count me in!
Considering the acclaim and the popularity Nadesico scored in Japan, I find it baffling that it isn't as popular in the western cultures.
In recent years there have been an influx of anime mecha series in Japan - yet whether or not it is successful is a gue issue as all series have a tough act to follow.
I am talking, of course, about Eva.

Seems to me, that the influx of anime mecha series will, inevitably, draw comparions to Eva. Whilst I found (and still do) Eva a ground-breaking series, it seems evident that the only way a mecha series will get any notice is by adding something new to the table. Sadly, most of these series sink without a trace (think Candidate for Goddess).

Some however succeed. Like......

Comparisons to Eva are obvious (Ruri=Rei, Akito=Shinji, Yurika=Mistao, Prospector=Gendo....) but this series works as the makers place a lot more emphasis on comedy. Ultimatly while Eva is an anime about the needs for acceptance, Nadesico is an anime about enjoying anime - and succeeds (along with cool space battles thrown in as well). After all, isn't that why we watch anime in the first place?!

While Eva is a landmark in anime history, it isn't without flaws. The plot maybe loaded with intrigue, but it only presents more questions then answering any. Gasaraki, however, learns from this mistake and uses it wisely. Comparisons to Eva are too inevitable but Gasaraki has a distinguished production crew, high production rates, an engaging plot and an astonishingly commendable quality of animation.

Come down Eva, your successor is here.
What Eva established, Vandread takes and improves. With a well-plotted story, characters worth caring about, startling animation, and cool space battles this is a series destinied for success.
Yes, it may bear comparions to Eva - somewhat - but, like Gasaraki, the makers learn from Eva and seek to better it.
And considering that GONZO's popularity is growing immensely, such a move has certainly paid off.

Ultimatly, even though Eva is a landmark in anime history, the time has truly come to move on.
If one of my cartoons has brought joy and laughter to just one person, if I have been able to make just one person simply smile and forget their troubles for only a moment, then that cartoon, clearly, was not worth drawing
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