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Hot Gimmick

Has anyone else been reading this?

I'm too lazy to write up a summary, so I'll just quote the back of Volume 1:

"When high school girl Hatsumi has to go buy a pregnancy test because her popular sister Akane is 'late,' who does she run into but her creepy bully neighbor Ryoki! And now he's blackmailing her to become his slave! How will mild-mannered Hatsumi get out of this mess? Will Hatsumi's childhood crush (and male model) Azusa be able to save her from Ryoki's clutches?"

The series begins in a straightforward manner but quickly becomes something very, very different. There are plot twists left and right.

So far this seems like a pretty polarizing series, though. People either love it or hate it. But I'm really getting hooked. Even though I want to slap Hatsumi half the time, even a ditz like her has charm.
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