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Originally Posted by Pen2 View Post
In the time you've spent writing essay-length diatribes about exactly what you declare to be wrong with AB, you could have just started your own forum, poached the two active members and proceeded to put theory into practice.

This would have solved both our problems.
a) The problem with AnimeBoards is the lack of activity

b) If I set up my own forums, AB would still have a lack of activity

c) Therefore, it would not solve my problem with AB; this is a problem which other past and current members also have.

d) In the time you've written that post, you could have come up with something constructive. For example, I asked for your views on the future strategy of AB, so the theory is not even fleshed out yet.

e) You are part of the problem because of your refusal to post, your inability to make polls which only moderators can make, and your inability to engage in conversations on a future strategy for this place. So you come along and make your first post in over half a f-ucking year and is that all you've got to say? A post that lacks any logic, which ignores all my points and shows that you have zero appetite to make this place any better? You moderators are just something else. Unbelievable.

f) Why haven't you or the other moderators or Eva2k replied to my questions yet? All it takes is 5-10 minutes to address my points, and all you seem to do is come here, p-iss around and do nothing. First you make the excuse that you all, for some strange reason, have absolutely zero time to do anything despite spending time here. Then I give you a list of things that can easily be done, even for stressed out people. Then you make the excuse that sentimentality prevents changes. So I raised the point that if you were sentimental, you would try and make my changes to prevent this place becoming more and more distinguishable from the source of sentimentality: what AB used to be like in the near and distant past. Then you come out with the excuse that if activity improves, you can't afford it. So I asked for figures and pointed out that there probably is room for improvement. Then you f-ucking blank me again.

As I said, just like playing correspondence chess with someone deep in the Amazon rainforest using homing pigeons.

g) More people who have noticed the degradation here:

Originally Posted by Polymorph
Hey, I registered a while back, but had a lot of trouble making my account work. But I'm quite concerned with the vitality of this forum. I don't know if I'm just bad at going through the forum, But I couldn't find subsections on Elfen Lied, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kure-nai. Those are just to name a few.. I haven't checked all the ones that I've watched. But those are the main ones i wanted to discuss about. Well, i guess the answer to this will decide if i actually stay here. Hope it's just my mistake though.

Originally Posted by Bishdariel
Why is this forum so dead?

Originally Posted by 724496
Yeah........It is a bit dead here

Why don't you guys stop clowning around and start listening to the people here. And why don't you moderators start doing something productive for once in a long time.

Originally Posted by cool2burn
That would never work for him then he could only bitch to himself ^^
We've already established that you're the bitching princess who complains yet never seem to give any hint of a solution. I, on the other hand, give constructive criticism and detail all my evidence.

Originally Posted by Darkandiel
I get the distinct impression that John actually enjoys making up these little charts and statistics and all that, it's a way of venting all of his frustrations. He wouldn't be able to continue venting if he had his own forum
As I've said before, what I'm doing here is better than doing nothing, like the moderators. Saying that I'm "enjoying" this is an enormous stretch.

Originally Posted by kamikazefstorm
I do! I think that if we just got even ONE new mod, things might start moving forward again, if only just a little. It can't hurt to try, can it?
It wouldn't hurt to try that or a host of other things, but I'm sure board management will come up with yet another bunch of excuses or will blank everyone here again.

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