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Part 2. Ryuk walks into a store selling apples.

Ryuk: Excuse me. Do you have any McIntosh apples?

Clerk: Sorry, sir. Fresh out.

Ryuk: Braeburn?

Clerk: Sold out this morning, sir.

Ryuk: Fuji?

Clerk: Sold out.

Ryuk: Granny Smith?

Clerk: Gone, sir.

Ryuk: Red Delicious?

Clerk: No, sir.

Ryuk: Golden Delicious?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Bolero?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Carlos Queen?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Northern Spy?

Clerk: No, sir. Oh, did you say Bolero?

Ryuk: Yes.

Clerk: Sorry, sir. Weíre all out of Belero.

Ryuk: Well, do you have any Empire?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Winesap?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Gala?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Yellow Newton?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Honey Crisp?

Clerk: Oh, yes. We do have Honey Crisp.

Ryuk: Fine. Iíll take a dozen Honey Crisps.

Clerk: Theyíre not quite fresh, sir.

Ryuk: Thatís OK.

Clerk: They are a bit soft.

Ryuk: Fine. I like them soft.

Clerk: I mean really soft, sir.

Ryuk: Thatís alright.

Clerk: Very good, sir. A dozen Honey Crisps. (Turns to look at stock, then turns to Ryuk.) Iím sorry, sir. Weíre out of Honey Crisp.

Ryuk: Well, then. How about Lord Nelson?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Edith Smith?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Discovery?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Look here. This is an apple store, is it not?

Clerk: Yes, sir. We are indeed an apple store.

Ryuk: And you do sell apples?

Clerk: Yes, sir. We sell apples and only apples.

Ryuk: Just checking then. What about Albany Beauty?

Clerk: No, sir.

Ryuk: Breakey?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Spartan?

Clerk: No.

Ryuk: Senshu?

Clerk: No. What if I tell you what we do have?

Ryuk: No, thank you. Iíd rather do it this way.
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