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Originally Posted by Katerine View Post
But from the little that I've seen of his posts, he seems like a nice person.
You make judgements quickly.

Originally Posted by Katerine View Post
And it's pretty obvious from the rather strange lack of Google ads on this site (eva2k, you know that Google AdWords was made for sites just like this one, right? ), that he is getting nothing out of creating/maintaining this board, except for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from having created something that people actually use and enjoy.
The whole issue being whether users are actually enjoying it here, given the ridiculously low posting rate. Let's put it this way: Eva2k, the admin, is one of the most active members here and since he isn't even that active by his own admission, you know you've got a problem.

Originally Posted by Katerine View Post
So, if you're doing something on a purely volunteer basis, pretty much out of the kindness of your heart, and then somebody posts a bunch of suggestions, but then also posts things like, "Bloody f-ucking Nora. I mean, I'd love to say what a great job board management has done, but sometimes you've got to look at reality a bit and admit what a shambles this place has become. It's like watching the fooking Keystone Cops." ...

...This is not the kind of thing that makes a volunteer want to rub his hands together and get to work. It is, in fact, the kind of thing that makes a volunteer want to dig in his heels and, consciously or unconsciously, "get back" at the person who's bullying him, by simply doing nothing at all. Not saying that's what eva2k will do (like I said, I don't know him at all)... I'm just saying, that would be a perfectly natural, normal, human response for any volunteer to have, when they're being bullied in their free time.
I have volunteered before (not helping out on messageboards, but in real life) and if I was going about my tasks in fundamentally the wrong way, I would absolutely want someone to set me straight, even more so if I was actually pumping so much cash into the volunteering project.

Since you're clued up on natural, normal, human responses, you would also know that some people lurch into inertia and need strong motivational words to break out of its spell. You would also know that when a place has actually gotten worse despite 2+ yrs of straight lobbying, a major factor being lack of fundamental changes which were being lobbied for, then the people doing the lobbying will come out with strong words. You will know that when a real community has collapsed, there will be people who will be screaming at their local policitians and whoever else they can attribute the collapse to. You will also know that if Eva2k digs his heels in just to spite me, he is making the whole community here (or what's left of it) suffer just to settle a personal vendetta, which would completely go against his sentimentality and sense of duty as an admin, and thus this lowers the probability of this happening considerably.

As for bullying? I'm the shoe-thrower to Eva2k's George Bush or Wen Jiabao.

Originally Posted by Katerine View Post
And I just want to be able to understand dates at a glance without having to decipher them...
Well, you got your wish - since Eva2k has actioned 2/2 of your requests so far, maybe you can ask him for more changes?

Originally Posted by Eva2k
As i outlined at if you can't at least half or vaguely understand my sentimental reasons, then it will be hard to see where I'm coming from and i can then understand how frustrating it is for you viewing from the outside my outlined mindset.
I think you may have missed the point of that part of my post there - my point was not that I don't understand that you can be sentimental. The point was that if you are the sentimental type, then you would be having heartaches over all the older members having left this place because of inactivity and over the fact that this place is a mere shadow of what it used to be like (not just way back in 2000-3 but in 2004-6), and would be doing your utmost to make changes that would attract old members back to this place and new members.

Originally Posted by Eva2k
Things will change but more on my timetable which maybe too slow for you.
I don't know what your timetable is so I don't know how slow or fast it is. You've never posted anything about your future strategy for 2009 or beyond, despite many requests.

Originally Posted by Eva2k
Let's say if I didn't have to work for a living, have off-line obligations to family, work etc, then I'd be on AB everyday working at it like I did at the beginning of AB (yeah excuses heh)
We've gone over this before - the point here is that you DO have off-line obligations and so we have to find a plan that takes this into consideration. That is why I stressed the importance of having a good TEAM of moderators helping you out here - moderators that try and post and make things more alive here and which would mean that your Ozzie dollars are not going straight down the drains for nothing. And if you don't have a good team of moderators who have time to manage this place, get new ones as I have suggested what seems like a million times (see latest response here which also addresses why being emotional over letting go of old mods makes no sense if you do this with mutual respect -

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