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Registration Rules

Registration Rules
New members who register for the forums need to use an ISP or allowable email address provider. Read below to find out what email addresses you can and can not use.

  • NO Duplicate or second user accounts are allowed - only 1 account per user - choose your username carefully because you will not be able to change the name later (remember over 4,000+ registered members are here so some usernames are bound to be taken).
  • Use either account OR your REAL ISP email address when registering otherwise the a/c will not be approved.
  • Re-read the Forum Rules (opens in new window)
  • Read the Forum FAQ
What this means is free web mail providers will NOT be accepted (exception is that is accepted), so if you use,,, or * type email addresses you obtained for free, your registration will NOT be accepted.

What is Acceptable email address to use? The following are allowed:
  • accounts
  • a real ISP (Internet Service Provider) email address are allowed - email address which is provided by the same provider who you connect and access the internet from. For example you access the net using they provide you a address. You access using they provide you with a address. You access the net via they
    provide you with a address.
  • a university or educational institution or workplace provided email address are allowed. For example if you attended the student is acceptable.
  • your own email accounts on your own domain/web site are allowed. Like you run and own you have email at
  • any paid email service provided email accounts are allowed.

AOL email accounts
Very important, AOL has changed a few email policies. Important, you must ensure email from (yes *.net) is whitelisted otherwise you may find all your email notifications, emails from other members on this forum, admin newsletters and even forgotten password reset emails all ending up in your AOL SPAM box.

Check your AOL SPAM box for email and whitelist it for you to be able to receive emails via forums.

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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