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Hey, someone has already started a Samurai 7 thread.

I've seen the first half of this series at my local anime society and was quite impressed. I will admit that I was uneasy to begin with but, in all honesty, I found this thouroughly entertaining. And like any good series, I was eager to see more. I liked the action, the comedy and the interetsing designs. And I do believe everyone else thought so too: I could hear people cheering when Kambei appointed Katsushiro the fifth samurai and some of my friends were already taking bets on who was going to die.

One comment from my friends at the society implied that Gonzo, following on from Vandread and Last Exile, seem to be getting better with their series. Indeed, they seem to be taking this anime seriously (unsurprising considering the enormity of it) and show obvious signs of really putting a lot of effort into making this anime a great one.

I guess one of the inevitable effects of this new series is that it will inspire people to go and hunt down the original source material. I know i did: Last Saturday, i saw the first half of the Samurai 7 series - Less than a week later, I purchased the original movie on DVD.
I believe that any series should stand on it's on feet - Drawing comparisons is kinda like being indifferent. That being said, I don't really want to slam this new series as a complete bastardised version of Kurosawa's film (like a lot of people are doing). If Gonzo are going to suggest that this a re-interpretation (but still retain the general themes) than I'm happy to go with that. I like the steampunk setting and I'm not bothered by the presence of mechs (even if they look too much like the Vandread-Dita). After all, Kurosawa told his story in 3 hours. Gonzo have to do it in thirteen...
Hey, if Gonzo stay's too close to the original source, than they'll just replicate the original source and achieve....erm....not much.

I'm enjoying this series dammit! To hell with what the Kurosawa purists think!

But ultimately, it should be pointed out that Kurosawa's epic triggered a formula that many people have replicated ever since.
Thus, the concept of the Seven Samurai follows these rules:
- A group of warriors are given a task to complete. They numbered seven as this is a numeral that represents completeness.
- There is no hierarchy but there is a central charatcer (who usually has to do the task and pulls everyone together)
- Each of the seven warrriors has a unique talent which adds to the group
- One of them is actually a 'hidden' character in that he hides something from everyone else that only comes into play at the climax
- And finally, and most importantly, the warrior's motivation is purely voluntrary.
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