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Originally Posted by SamIam

This is the conclusion to a review on the newest 19" monitors ... I know you said 17 ... but there is a pricing middle ground that overlaps ... and IMO the extra "2 inches" makes a significant difference.

Thank you so much for your help, Sam. I must concur with your statement about the extra "2 inches," as I currently own an old 19" monitor and absolutely love it. I only wish it was dying, lol.

The reason I said I was looking for a 17" screen was because of the increased price variations between the 17" and the 19" monitors at the local stores. But I think I probably will just go through and pay the extra money for the 19", since I know it'll be well worth it.

The reviews you listed were exceptionally helpful and informative, unlike so many other review sites that are out on the web. Thank you once again!
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