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Originally Posted by Newtype05
I'm not really that picky, it's just that fantasy anime isn't really what I watch. But lately there aren't enough quality anime to watch so I'm just giving this a try.

Anyway, Twelve Kingdoms is high quality anime so I'll keep watching for now, at least Sugimoto is interesting, she has spunk! I hope there's a good plot twist, and a serious character makeover because Nakajima is already annoying with her constant whining.
Oh yeah. She is pretty whiny in the beginning, isn't she? But thankfully, Westlo's right. Her character does a complete 180 during the second dvd. I'm glad you're going to stick with it for awhile more, because I think you'll like it a bit better the further you get into it.

I would never have stuck with it either if she'd stayed the way she was at the beginning.
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