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Ramza don't rely on Madmans site, they have some of the slackest updating around....

There new titles are always announced in their forums, and they haven't officially announced RahXephon just yet, but it's a gimme (It's an adv title and one of the mods (Fatal Outlaws favourite Madman member Stormin Norman ) overheard a madman rep at a store)

Also Siren just got Medabots as well.

Though manga have announced nothing, tey did say they were in trying to get Patlabor Movie 3 (Which Pioneer announced later that day) and they have an option on any future Read Or Die material.

As for AX I'll quote myself from madman's boards

Pioneer conquered AnimeExpo, all the pretalk about licensing was for ADV and bandai and pioneer came out and smashed them.
Sakura Taisen (Wars) The Movie
Gatekeepers 21
Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy
Patlabor Movie 3
Mahoromatic Maiden
Aio Yori Aoshi
Fushigi Yugi Gaiden
Lupin the Third(52 TV eps)
Master Keaton

They showed a new work from Y Abe, creator of Lain and Niea_7. Haibane Rengo. Of course this title will be going to Pioneer as well. I suspect at Otakon that SaiKano (this is going to be big) and possibly Yukikaze will go as well and i see either Pioneer or ADV picking up Studio Gonzos other big upcoming anime, Kiddy Grade.

This adds to their already strong line up of

I My Me Strawberry Eggs
Vandread Second Stage

Fatal Outlaw if you were disappointed with Bandais showing at AX they should make up for it at Otakon
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