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I have been into anime since around 2000 maybe a bit before. I have yet to experince burnout. However, from time to time I do take a break. As mentioned before it is a good thing to get out and do more. I have a host of other activites besides anime. For me anime is what made me jump onto looking into other forms of entertanment and recration. For example I am trying to learn Japanese. For those looking for a good book on the culture aspects I highly recomend "Japanese Beyound Words". It is very detailed and a wonderfull read. I also take martial arts. Also, If you find yourself intrigued by an anime there is allways a bunch on resources to help you get the answers you seek. If you don't know were to start look no further then these boards. All im trying to re-impisize here is that burnout is bad. Don't be affraid to try something new. As for me I have a bad tendency to buy all the limited editon boxes and what not. If nothing else let anime help you to try new things. After all its a hobby and as the old addage goes"everything in moderation"

P.S. I read it all and yes you really should look into puplishing!
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