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I've been into anime seriously (I watched some beforehand of course) since 1995 or so. I've yet to experience burn out and I've seen a lot. In fact, over the years I've just begun to appreciate it all the more. If you can find shows in a variety of different genres you won't be so limited. I don't like everything... I still dislike anything Gundam and Evangelion. But I've given shows I thought I would dislike, such as Outlaw Star, another chance and found I really enjoyed it. Also watching lesser known titles and sleeper hits helps too. I've enjoyed some of those even more than the infamous titles. There's also the fact that if you get into the Japanese culture it helps your appreciate for anime quite a lot. Not only do you start to understand what they're saying, without the subtitles, but you can understand why they are doing a particular thing or what some odd remark means.
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