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I can't believe no one said these... *sigh*

If you haven't finished the Evangelion series and movies... Stop reading- spoiler ahead!

The first one is mid-series... The second one is end-series... The third is End of Evangelion... So really- you can read it depending on how far you got! ^_^

The- was it 13th Angel? The one that Unit-01 went beserk on and started eating? Mmm... Tasty. It was just... Wow...

Kawrou Nagisa. Not so much the way he died... But the fact that he had such a strong impact on Shinji in such a short period of time. Well- the way Shinji popped his head off was pretty neat too... But really... Kawrou was only in one episode, Shinji became totally wrecked from having to kill the only person to give him kind words... That's some tough crap right there...

Misato Katsuragi. Come on... She got shot protecting Shinji. Then she got blown up... ...I know that's not "Oooh wow that's cool" or anything... But... Misato was Shinji's mother-type figure (Shinji's perspective)... I guess maybe I'm the only person that was slightly moved by her demise...
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