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Lee (BOA)
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Ok then, Kawaii No Miko, My favourite toy is my car. Ice creams great but only once in a while for me, And most definatley Monty Python. . Sagara, Well I'm Veggie so that sorta limits it a bit but I just Love Chianese food. The drink would have to be milk or a nice pint, and chocolate would have to be a chocolate orange or milky bar. Project Akira, Well when we record we like to try and keep it as real as we can. However, I'm not saying that that's the best way of doing things but its just the way we do it. Personally I think whatever gets the desired effect is cool. Nairohe, Well Jasmine wrote the lyrics and so as I said to someone else you would have to ask her when she come's here (Sorry). Anyway laters all.